Top Austin Analytics Startups Influencing Data-Driven Decisions in 2023

Interesting startups in Austin, Texas are making a strong impact in the field of analytics, demonstrating innovation and forward-thinking approaches to utilizing data. The tech capital of the South boasts a myriad of companies leveraging analytics as their core discipline, whether focused on sports, finance, human resources, or healthcare.

These Austin-based startups are deploying cutting-edge technology, from artificial intelligence and machine learning to software as a service (SaaS) and predictive insights. Here, we showcase a collection of them, underlining their unique offerings, industry affiliations, and visionary founders.

Prepare to dive into Austin’s thriving analytics startup scene and explore how these companies are revolutionizing various sectors with their data-driven solutions. Don’t be surprised if you find remarkable startups that align with your interests or business needs.


LoudCrowd is a SaaS company that is changing how brands engage with their customers for growth. Their analytics tool allows brands to make data-driven decisions enhancing their interactions with customers. Founders Gary Garofalo and Justin Papermaster lead this venture.

Zelus Analytics

The sports intelligence platform provided by Zelus Analytics, is designed for professional teams in their exclusive partner network. Created by Founders Doug Fearing and Luke Bornn, Zelus provides teams with key data insights essential for performance improvement and strategic planning.


From agriculture and government to IT and machine learning, Parasanti covers a wide breadth of industries. Their mission is to power the world’s edge infrastructure. The startup, led by founders James Hancock and Joshua Seagroves, uniquely brings cloud capabilities down to earth.

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Arytic, an analytics and predictive insights employment platform, seamlessly connects job seekers, hiring agencies, employers, and recruiters. It leverages AI and machine learning for predictive analytics in the HR and Recruitment sector. Founders Sri Rao Boddapu and Usha Boddapu are at the helm of this venture.

Crave Tech

Combining food and technology, Crave Tech is a food tech platform offering POS and kitchen management solutions. Their platform integrates analytics capabilities to help restaurants improve their services and enhance customer experience.


Neocova is a data analytics firm that helps banks identify the largest revenue opportunities within their existing customer base. Led by founders Kelsey Weaver, Lindsay Lockhart, and Sultan Meghji, Neocova is transforming how banks utilize data to grow.

Click Engine

At Click Engine, AI-driven web analytics and advertising management meet in a seamless software-as-a-service platform. Founded by Nathan Biles, the startup allows advertisers to effectively measure and manage their digital advertising efforts.

Accurate4cast, Inc.

Akucast runs a revenue operations application on the Salesforce CRM platform, which highlights their unique niche in the predictive analytics sector. Their SaaS solution provides enterprises with accurate forecasts for more informed decisions. Rick Ow is one of the founders of this startup.


HealthClicks created a data-driven compliance, facility maintenance, and data analytics system tailored for the healthcare industry. Founded by Bryan Rymer, Drew Rymer, and Gary Spirer, HealthClicks is paving the way for effective facility management and compliance in healthcare.

Katana Graph

Specializing in interacting with unstructured data, Katana Graph has developed high-performance graph databases. Under the leadership of founders Chris Rossbach and Keshav Pingali, Katana Graph is set to transform how businesses interact with complex, unstructured data sets.

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Biodock offers a cloud AI platform that extracts concise answers from image data. Founders Michael Lee and Nurlybek Mursaliyev aim to revolutionize how industries,
including healthcare, retail, and security, work with image data.

Zeno Technologies

Founders Christian Kanady and Joel Carusone created Zeno Technologies, a data aggregation and insight platform particularly relevant to the oil and gas industry. Their solution allows businesses to make sense of complex data sets, and make data-driven business decisions.

Pandemic Insights

Combining data analytics and AI with human behavior dynamics, Pandemic Insights is a preventive health software company. Founder Eric Klasson aims to provide invaluable insights to curtail the effects of pandemics and improve public health measures.

Breakwater Solutions

Breakwater Solutions offers a data management and analytics solution. The startup, founded by Jim Vint, assists businesses in making complex data management tasks simpler and more manageable.

Growth Channel

Growth Channel simplifies the marketing process by providing a single dashboard to plan, launch, and optimize campaigns across 150+ channels. Founder Maryna Burushkina offers a data-driven approach to digital marketing, optimizing campaigns through
powerful analytics.

These startups from the vibrant tech hub of Austin illustrate the dynamic and diverse ways in which analytics can be applied across sectors and industries. Their innovative solutions are shaping business practices, aiding decision-making, and driving growth in their respective fields.


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