Can Digital Assets Revolutionize the Future of Global Finance?

Key Takeaways:

  • FutureMade: Digital Asset Forum is a groundbreaking startup that aims to unite leaders within the digital asset universe, fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s next in finance.
  • Based in New York, FutureMade hosts a marquee event on September 12-14th, 2023 at The Palazzo in Las Vegas, where the digital asset ecosystem will converge.
  • FutureMade aims to spark challenging conversations, encourage fruitful partnerships, and showcase innovative cryptocurrency, Web3, metaverse, NFTs, tokenization, stablecoins, and blockchain-enabled business models.

Capitalizing on the surging interest in digital assets, FutureMade: Digital Asset Forum has emerged as a pioneering force that brings together next-generation leaders in the digital asset ecosystem. Aimed at creating the future of finance and beyond, this New York-based startup is all set to host a landmark event from September 12-14th, 2023 at The Palazzo in Las Vegas, where the finest minds of the digital world will converge.

With the rallying cry of “Where silos come undone and innovation begins,” FutureMade is committed to bridging the gap between thought leaders and practitioners across diverse sectors, examining how digital assets might revolutionize global finance.

The defining differential of FutureMade lies in its comprehensive approach, covering varied aspects of the digital asset universe, from crypto to Web3, the metaverse, NFTs, tokenization, stablecoins, blockchain-enabled business models, DAOs, GameFi, and the creator economy. Rather than being a niche event, FutureMade aspires to be a platform where every segment of the emerging digital asset ecosystem can find representation.

Besides, FutureMade takes pride in its ability to facilitate rousing conversations and fruitful partnerships, offering a fertile ground for sparking ideas, fostering collaborations, and experiencing what’s next in the digital landscapes.

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Given the rapidly-evolving nature of digital assets and their potential to disrupt global finance, the future of FutureMade holds great promise. The startup’s success will essentially depend on its ability to keep pace with innovations, attract quality conversations and partnerships, and create value for participants. Based on their current trajectory, one can envisage FutureMade playing a notable role in shaping the discourse around digital assets.

With the belief that the digital asset phenomenon is just the beginning and the best is yet to come, FutureMade is all poised to ride the wave of digital disruption. For more insights into their initiatives and to keep track of their upcoming events, follow FutureMade on Twitter @FuturemadeForum, LinkedIn FutureMade: Digital Asset Forum or visit their website at

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