Can Information Services Revolutionize Business Messaging with Automated SMS APIs?

Key Takeaways:

  • Telgorithm is a startup company offering advanced Automated Programming Interface (API) solutions for business SMS campaigns.
  • The company provides services in the information & technology sector with a SaaS model that ensures 10DLC campaign compliance at all times.
  • The startup stands out for its software that promises seamless migration of messaging services for businesses while retaining their voice service providers.
  • With the increasingly digitized world, Telgorithm answers the critical question of automated SMS APIs revolutionizing business messaging.


The world of technology is evolving, and fast. Among the new tech ventures making waves is Telgorithm. Based in Los Angeles, California, this startup operates within the Information Services, Information Technology, Messaging, SaaS, SMS, Software, and Unified Communications industries. Telgorithm provides A2P SMS APIs that automate activation, send management, and monitor to ensure that 10DLC campaigns are always TCR compliant.

The startup was founded by an experienced and innovative team, Aaron Alter, Mason Zheng, and Yury Semerikov. They aim to change the way businesses communicate by integrating automated messaging systems. This avails businesses the chance to incorporate messaging services in their applications while maintaining compliance and message deliverability.

Differential Analysis:

Telgorithm stands out in an industry that is growing exponentially. While numerous providers offer SMS services, Telgorithm is a hosted messaging provider. This implies that businesses who have numbers that share both voice and messaging services can easily migrate the messaging services on those numbers to Telgorithm while still retaining the voice services with their current provider. This transition is not only quick and seamless but also reduces the cost of switching over, making Telgorithm a game-changer in the industry.

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Furthermore, the startup’s compliance to 10DLC campaigns is another significant differential. Errors and compliance issues can be costly for businesses, possibly leading to fines while tarnishing a brand’s reputation. However, with Telgorithm’s automated system, businesses need not worry about violating any compliance law.

Conclusion & Future Outlook:

Looking ahead, the future of business communication increasingly leans towards automation and digital messaging. Telgorithm is at the forefront of this revolution with its innovative solutions. Their robust and flexible systems are designed to keep up with the growing needs of businesses while remaining compliant with existing regulations. The company’s services are inventive and timely, answering the question: Can Information Services Revolutionize Business Messaging with Automated SMS APIs?

As businesses continue to seek efficient and cost-effective ways to improve communication internally and with customers, companies like Telgorithm will continue to grow. To learn more about Telgorithm, visit their website at You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin

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