Unveiling Top Influential New York Trading Platform Startups in 2023

The startup scene in New York, New York, USA is teeming with fresh innovation, technological advancement and robust financial systems. One sector that has been gaining attention is trading platforms, where entrepreneurs are leveraging technology to redefine how people trade stocks, invest money, and manage assets. From cryptocurrency to art collecting, these platforms offer diversity in trading, providing individualized experiences to an increasing number of people. Here’s a closer look at some of the most promising trading platform startups headquartered in New York.

The vibrant city of New York is a hub for financial innovation. In response to the rise of digital currencies and the changing landscape of investment, startups have launched platforms that make trading in these complex markets simple, efficient, and accessible. These innovative platforms are not confined to traditional stocks and bonds but span industries such as real estate, art, and financial advisory services.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a beginner looking for a gateway into the world of trading, these startups offer comprehensive solutions. While each platform has its unique offerings and investment niches, they all share a common objective – to empower individuals with the necessary tools to make informed investment decisions. Let’s delve into the dynamic world of these New York-born trading platforms.

Tiger Trading

Tiger trading is a platform that provides investors with significant trading tools to ensure a fair and balanced trading environment. Specializing in Cryptocurrency and Information Technology, Tiger Trading allows investors to manage their trading activities seamlessly.

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Octopus Advisory

Octopus Advisory provides an array of services from private capital to corporate finance. Their pioneering role in offering entrepreneurial advisory services has set a high bar in the Advice, Consulting, Financial Services, and Trading Platform industries.


Nexus is a fintech firm that has introduced a mobile app specifically designed for trading cryptocurrencies. Their diverse offering includes securities exchange and crypto/fiat pairing, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse trading needs.

Forest Park

With the ambition to revolutionize institutional lending, Forest Park is developing an operating system to expedite loan trading. Co-founded by John Doherty, this platform aims to bring down the trading time from 21 days to a mere one while ensuring top-notch security and efficiency.


Public.com makes investing simple and versatile with their platform offering members an opportunity to create modern portfolios of stocks & ETFs, crypto & NFTs, art & collectibles. The company was co-founded by Jannick Malling, Leif Abraham, and Matt Kennedy.


Centrol.io simplifies market trading with easy-to-follow rules. The startup, co-founded by Abin Saju and Mike Shimonov, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist users in staying ahead in the market.

Theme Analytics

Theme Analytics, co-founded by Peter Wild, is a trading firm deploying proprietary strategies to give investors positive, risk-adjusted returns. Leveraging analytics, they provide insightful and effective investment solutions.

LiveArt Holdings

LiveArt, co-founded by Adam Chinn, Boris Pevzner, and John Auerbach, is a unique platform for art collectors, providing them with data-driven tools and real-time information to help them make informed decisions.


FeiBulls blends educational resources with a crowdsourced investment research platform. Co-founder Philip Chen envisions FeiBulls as an entrepreneurial innovation platform that doubles as a venture capital tool.

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Finary transforms the way we talk about investments. Co-founders Darian Bhathena, Jack Phifer, and Michael Liu have created a social platform where users can discuss investments with friends and make trades on the market.


Frexa has taken trading to the realm of real estate. They are breaking new ground by fractionalizing real estate for the blockchain through their unique Property Acquisition DAOs.

Eighth Fund

Co-founded by Luke Truitt and Mary Gooneratne, Eighth Fund provides a straightforward yet versatile trading platform. Focusing on the FinTech and Blockchain spectrum, they have carved a niche for themselves in the finance sector.

Ondo Finance

Ondo Finance, co-founded by Nathan Allman and Pinku Surana, develops a user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform that makes decentralized finance accessible to everyone.


Hyperspace has boosted the accessibility of Solana NFT and NFT flex information by constructing a dedicated trading platform. Providing valuable services to this particular market, they have become a beacon in the Blockchain and Finance sector.


Hedge introduces a novel concept to trading: Create a hedge fund with your friends! Hedge offers a collaborative trading platform where users can pool money and invest together. Walking the line between social media and cryptocurrency, this startup stands as an innovator in the financial services space.

In conclusion, New York’s startups are reshaping the trading platform landscape, bringing innovation and diversity to the table. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and harnessing the latest market trends, these platforms are empowering every individual to become an informed investor.

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