Chicago’s Leading Healthcare Startups Revolutionizing US Health Industry 2023


The health care industry in Chicago, Illinois has been a hotbed for innovative health care startups, creating a wide range of innovative solutions to solve various medical needs. Ranging from health platforms, insurance technology, biotech, tele-neurology, to platforms for pharmacists, these Chicago companies represent the dynamism and diversity of the healthcare sector in the United States. Let’s explore some of these interesting health care startups in detail.

These businesses are not only health-focused but are also inventors of unique healthcare solutions. They take on a variety of forms to either supplement or disrupt the traditional healthcare model. From tele-neurology to developments in endoscope technology, these startups are at the forefront of innovation in healthcare and wellness.

Chicago’s startup ecosystem is robust and diverse, with a wide range of innovation across industries, including healthcare. The following startups are at the forefront of healthcare technology, leveraging cutting-edge approaches to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and make healthcare more accessible.


NutriSense is a metabolic health platform that combines real-time monitoring with personalised dietitian coaching. Founded by Alex Skyrl, Dan Zavorotny, and Kara Collier, this platform operates at the intersection of apps, fitness, health care, personal health, real-time, and wellness. Its core mission is to empower individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing through informed dietary choices.

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Zing Health

Zing Health is a developer of insurance technology used to solve challenges experienced with traditional underserved healthcare plans. The method was invented by Eric E. Whitaker, M.D., M.P.H., Garfield Collins, and Kenneth Alleyne, M.D. It provides solutions within the Health Care, Health Insurance and InsurTech industry.

Vanqua Bio

Founded by James Sullivan, Vanqua Bio is a biotechnology company that discovers and develops next-generation medicines for patients with neurodegenerative diseases. This startup is fueling the fight against diseases of the nervous system using innovative biotechnical approaches.


Synapticure is a tele neurology startup that provides tailored care to patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and their families. Founded by Jonathan Hirsch and Peter Wallach, Synapticure operates within the fields of health care, medical, neuroscience, and wellness.

DxTx Pain and Spine

Providing clinical care services, DxTx Pain and Spine focuses on the health care, hospital, and medical sectors.

Script Health

Founded by James Lott, Script Health is a platform built for pharmacists to revolutionize healthcare.

Surmount Bio

Surmount Bio is a Chicago-based stealth healthcare company operating in the biotechnology and health care industries.

Common Spirit Health

Common Spirit Health provides research programs, home health programs, and virtual care services within the health care, medical, non-profit sector.


GoRelax is an innovative lightweight mat that fosters deep relaxation by naturally increasing blood circulation and reducing tension. This product explores the intersection of health care, retail, and shopping, achieving a balance between wellness and consumerism.


Founded by Tahua Yang and Tony Yeh, Endovista is a clinical medical device development company that develops a single-use flexible endoscope system. This startup works within the health care industry, focusing on creating innovative solutions to common medical problems.

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Created by Asif Khan, Laura McKee, and Mudaser Ali, Hucu.AI is a person-centered messaging network with real-time patient health and staff risk reporting. Operating within the health care, medical, messaging, and productivity tools sectors, Hucu.AI empowers healthcare providers with the digital tools necessary to manage their care delivery efficiently and effectively.

WellBe Senior Medical

WellBe Senior Medical offers physicians, nurses, clinicians, and home care services. Founded by Jeffrey Kang, this Chicago-based startup is helping to revolutionize the health care, home health care, and medical sectors.

Humbi Health

Created by Puneet Budhiraja and Rajesh Munjuluri, Humbi Health delivers comprehensive business solutions using health actuarial expertise to healthcare providers and pharmaceuticals. By combining data visualization with healthcare, this startup is helping healthcare organizations make more informed decisions.

Armitage Advisors

Armitage Advisors is a management consulting firm providing strategic advisory and execution support to companies in the healthcare sector. By applying their expertise in advice, consulting, health care, and management consulting, Armitage Advisors makes strategic growth a reality for healthcare companies.

CommonSpirit Health

CommonSpirit Health is a provider of charity care, home health, clinical research, precision medicine, and government program services within the health care, medical, non-profit sectors.

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