Discovering Chicago’s Leading Transportation Startups Reshaping US Travel Industry

In a bustling city like Chicago, Illinois, it’s no surprise that a number of startups are rising to the challenge by developing innovative solutions to complex transportation and logistics problems. These companies are leveraging technology to streamline processes, make logistics more efficient, and bridge the gap between shippers and carriers. From short-haul logistics to e-scooter rentals and even helicopter tours, Chicago’s transportation startups are at the forefront of entrepreneurial creativity and technological innovation.

We at are excited to showcase these companies and explain how they’re enhancing local, regional, and even global transportation. These startups are utilizing cutting-edge solutions such as digital freight management, cloud-based transportation systems, and artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the way goods and people move. Let’s look more closely at each of these promising enterprises, their founders, and the services they provide.

Whether you’re an investor looking for the next big thing in transportation or a consumer in need of efficient logistics services, this diverse list of transportation startups in Chicago is sure to provide some inspiration. Without further ado, meet Chicago’s top transportation startups of 2021:


Founded by Abtin Hamidi, Torch is the only digital short-haul 3PL specializing in lanes 50-550 miles. This startup fills a crucial gap in connecting shippers and carriers within shorter distances.

Mastery Logistics Systems

Helmed by Jeff Silver, Mastery Logistics Systems is a disruptive player in the transportation industry with its comprehensive cloud-based SaaS transportation management system.

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Transloop, founded by Nicholas Reasoner, provides logistics, digital freight, and supply chain management services for carriers and shippers, bringing efficiency to a traditionally complex industry.


ShipTech is a multi-faceted logistics company that moves cargo by ocean, air, road, and by rail, catering to the multitude of shipping needs across the globe.


Ridy, founded by Dharmateja Medasani, is an innovative company that provides rental e-scooter and e-bike services, promoting greener and more sustainable urban transportation.

Deploy Solutions Group

Leveraging technology to optimize logistics, Deploy Solutions Group provides services to carriers and customers, transforming the way goods are transported.


Dispatcher247 is a lifesaver for the trucking industry, offering dispatch services that help streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Electric Amigos

Specializing in airport transportation, Electric Amigos offers eco-friendly solutions by providing moving goods and airport shuttle service for passengers using electric vehicles.


Founded by BJ Perng, NiveauUp is revolutionizing energy storage with its eXtreme Fast Charging (XFC). From air transportation to marine transportation and even robotics, NiveauUp is leading the charge in battery innovation.

Ship Car Services

Founded by Costin Martin, Ship Car Services is an auto transport broker that simplifies the process of shipping cars, providing a crucial service for individuals and businesses alike.


Telegraph, helmed by founders Amaro Luna, Harris Ligon, and Shachar Astor, is a SaaS supply chain & logistics technology startup developing a next generation freight rail operating system.


Everest is pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence, creating logistics solutions that help businesses save time, money, and resources.

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Breeze Helicopters

Lifting off to new heights, Breeze Helicopters provides helicopter tours and charters, offering unique experiences beyond the chaos of city traffic.

Marshall Trans

Marshall Trans is a transportation company providing refrigerated trucking delivery and dry van shipping services, offering versatile solutions for a range of product transport needs.

A Move To Remember

Helping both individuals and businesses streamline their relocation processes, A Move To Remember is a residential and commercial moving company you won’t soon forget.

With these dynamic startups leading the way, Chicago’s transportation sector promises to be more agile, versatile, and efficient than ever before. As these companies continue to innovate and ease logistical pain points, we look forward to witnessing their future impact on the Windy City and beyond.

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