Chicago’s Top Artificial Intelligence Startups Pioneering U.S Technological Leaps in 2023

Chicago, Illinois is rapidly evolving as a hub for Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups. Embracing AI technology, numerous innovative startups are emerging from the city, steadily transforming the tech landscape within various industries. From recommendation engines and voice recognition to predictive analytics and data sorting, AI startups have transcended a multitude of sectors, including software as a service (SaaS), healthcare, and financial services among others. This article focuses on some of the most promising AI startups in the city of Chicago that are revolutionizing their respective industries with cutting-edge AI technologies.

A distinctive blend of technological prowess and innovative business strategies characterizes these Chicago-based AI startups. The city is nearby many renowned academic institutions providing access to an eclectic pool of tech-savvy talent. With a first-rate technology ecosystem, supportive government policies, and tax incentives, Chicago has become a conducive environment for technologists, entrepreneurs, and AI enthusiasts. Let’s delve deeper into these startups, their specialties, founders, and how they bring innovation to the table.

Here, we profile several of the most exciting AI startups from Chicago, exploring what their technologies imply for the industry and how they are creating unique solutions to address the myriad challenges of the digital age. These are the companies innovating the AI landscape of Chicago and beyond.

Henkaku, LLC

Based in Chicago, Henkaku is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startup specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Founded by Milan McGraw, the company is ardently working towards creating intelligent solutions that can transform businesses.

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ΛDΛPTRΛCK, founded by Niraj Swami and Vince Virga, is known for driving impactful behaviors with personalized AI for work+life. The enthusiastic team at Adaptrack merges artificial intelligence with Blockchain, which sounds as exciting as it is innovative.

Aboriginal Armadillo

Aboriginal Armadillo, under the expert guidance of founder Trevor Grant, is a startup focused on Natural Language Generation and Image Processing. They’re harnessing the power of the internet, machine learning, software engineering, AI, and more to breathe life into their unique solutions.

DeCypher DataLabs

Founded by Leith Akkawi, DeCypher DataLabs is a scientific research and product development company specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Predictive analytics, machine learning, and software development are some of their industry focuses, aiming towards creating novel solutions in the AI sector.

Aptive Solutions

Aptive Solutions is a digital consulting firm that provides advisory and implementation services on digital transformation projects, specializing in analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, and digital signage.

Neural Trend

Neural Trend, founded by Dip Majumder and Tina Djenge, uses AI and big data to bridge the gap between retail supply and consumer demand. Check them out at NeuralTrend.


Aiolux, founded by Biz Chatterjee, provides investors with an AI assistant that provides actionable insights on demand. Check out Aiolux for more on their intelligent solutions within the finance and fintech sectors.

Cognitive PC Solutions

Specializing in SaaS and AI, Cognitive PC Solutions, founded by Julian Reyes and Michel Hanna, offers innovative software solutions in the IT industry.

Tercero Technologies

Tercero Technologies, spearheaded by founder Carl P. Evans III, aims at advancing Edge Artificial Intelligence.

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Founded by Tanay Rathore, CatrovaCer focuses on Conversation Analysis AI for call centers.

The Collaboratory

The Collaboratory, founded by Nick Lilovich, Rafael Jardim, and Sruti Balakrishnan, is a B2B SaaS company that builds AI-powered document discovery tools for biopharma companies. harnesses restaurants’ historical sales data with external factors to create accurate daily and weekly sales forecasts.


Everest uses AI to develop innovative solutions for the logistics industry.


Founded by Imad Longi and Kartik Kesavabhotla, Instra.AI is a firm that provides AI software as a service.


SORTEXT, an AI-Based Ecommerce Conversion Platform, was given life by founders Aslı Erol and Okan Erol.

The Chicago AI scene is rolling full steam ahead, with many startups developing advanced and sophisticated technologies, playing a significant role not only in the city but also the global AI landscape. The world will undoubtedly keep its eyes on Chicago and these remarkable startups as the AI revolution unfolds.

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