Top Influential Chicago Food and Beverage Startups Shaping Tomorrow’s Dining

Chicago, Illinois, known for deep-dish pizza and delicious hot dogs, houses some of the most innovative Food and Beverage startups in the United States. These companies, propelled by passionate founders, offer consumers a variety of products ranging from creative desserts to zero-proof spirits to plant-based cookie dough. Found within the bustling city of Chicago, the startups are challenging traditional notions in the Food and Beverage industry, offering modern alternatives and evolving along with their consumers’ needs. Dive into this article to explore these startups and the exciting work they’re doing.

JoJo’s Shake Bar

JoJo’s Shake Bar is a progressive restaurant and bar providing creative desserts and dinner. At JoJo’s, you can experience out-of-the-box confectionaries that spur the imagination and delight your taste buds. More than just a simple snack bar, they are revolutionizing the way we experience desserts.

Ritual Zero Proof

Breaking new ground in the spirits sector is Ritual Zero Proof, the first American company offering a non-alcoholic alternative that captures the taste and smell of spirits. Ritual Zero Proof, founded by David Crooch, GG Sakey, and Marcus Sakey, caters to those who appreciate the refined taste of spirits without the alcohol.

Proper Cookie Dough

The snacks industry is evolving, and startups like Proper Cookie Dough are at the forefront. They produce plant-based, superfood packed, edible, and bakeable cookie dough. Check out Proper Cookie Dough, founded by Brittania Warren, and join the healthy snacking revolution today.

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Benestar Brands

Benestar Brands, a unique holding company, owns a diverse range of leading snack products. Founded by Irlanda Montes, the company’s portfolio includes pork rinds and scrumptious tortilla chips, providing snack enthusiasts with a variety of options.

Sacred Serve

Sacred Serve, created by Kailey Donewald, offers plant-based gelato made from organic young Thai coconut meat. Beyond their delicious product, Sacred Serve also takes environmental consciousness seriously, serving their gelato in the world’s first recyclable and compostable cartons.

Awesome Coffee

At Awesome Coffee, customers are promised more than just a good cup of coffee. With their promise of improved energy levels and enhanced well-being, they’re creating a new coffee-drinking culture.


Tortazo offers diners fast-casual dining experience to Mexican cuisine. Enjoy a perfect meal without the hassle and create memories to savour.

Advanced Material Processing

Advanced Material Processing focuses on material processing in multiple industries. Their specialties include food and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and chemical processing. At AMP, innovation and productivity go hand in hand.

Hightail Plainfield

Hightail Plainfield Delivery is an online shopping platform which focuses on delivering fresh locally-grown food products to consumers. Simple in concept, profound in impact, they’re a click away from delivering fresh produce right to your door.

Chef’s Kitchen

At Chef’s Kitchen, it’s all about providing the best range of foodservice and groceries. They offer a variety of cheese, pork, beverages, breads, groceries, and more, serving as a one-stop solution for all your food needs.

Boxed Halal

Boxed Halal, founded by Ibrahim Ali, efficiently delivers Zabiah Halal meat directly to your home. Change the way you shop for meat, and experience a new level of convenience with Boxed Halal.

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liina, founded by Cameron Patrick and John Steinberg, bases their products around spirulina, one of nature’s most magical superfoods. Check out liina’s products and reimagine your everyday nutrition.


Founded by Josh Saunders, Backbar simplifies the world of bars and restaurants, offering a software platform that manages inventory, assists with orders, and helps reduce costs.


OjaExpress, created by Boyede Sobitan and Fola Dada, is a digital marketplace designed specifically for cultural groceries, providing a unique e-commerce service tailored to individual tastes.

The Planting Hope

At the helm is Julia Stamberger, The Planting Hope produces and sells a range of plant-based food products, propping themselves as a go-to for those invested in healthier lifestyle choices.

These startups are boldly challenging and changing the Food and Beverage sector in Chicago. From snack bars to spirit alternatives, e-commerce platforms to delivery services — each startup brings something unique and different. With their innovative approaches, they are making waves in the industry and defining a new era for Food and Beverage startups across the United States.

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