Discover Miami’s Most Influential Content Startups Shaping 2023 Trends

As the United States is known for its blossoming start-up scene, Miami, Florida, is fast emerging as a hub for innovative and diverse start-ups, particularly in the content industry. This industry encapsulates a broad spectrum of services, from digital marketing and social media to content creation and video editing. In this article, we will showcase some of the exciting content start-ups hailing from sunny Miami.

Whether their focus is advertising, social media management, or AI-backed editing, these start-ups combine creativity and technology to deliver top-notch services. The importance of content has grown exponentially in the digital era, making these start-ups vital players in the contemporary business landscape. Let’s dive in and learn more about these intriguing Miami-based content start-ups.

Each of these start-ups has a unique selling proposition and is making waves in its respective niche. Following are some of the exciting content startups in Miami, Florida:


Laikad operates in the advertising and digital marketing industry, offering innovative marketing strategies to help businesses grow online.


Founded by Linda Lycett and Thomas Knapp, MediaMagic is a digital transformation and marketing company that scales client revenues through social media advertising and SEO.

Dope Trifecta Media

Dope Trifecta Media is a full-service digital media agency working in advertising, content creation, graphic design, social media management, and web design.

Hey Social

Hey Social helps tech companies exponentially acquire more users by leveraging TikTok creators, catering particularly to e-commerce platforms and video advertising.

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Astra Media

With Alex McCurry at the helm, Astra Media provides various services, including digital media, marketing, public relations, and social media advertising.


Founded by Ivo and Vicente Machado, Wisecut is an AI-driven platform that automatically edits videos to create engaging content.

Acton Media

Acton Media provides comprehensive online media services, with a particular focus on the automotive industry and information services.

Principal Post

An advisory and self-publishing platform, Principal Post provides advice and facilitates content publishing.

Spazious, the e-vent company

Launched by Antonio Batanero Girbau and Borja de Francisco, Spazious combines a booking engine with 3D configurator tools and event management solutions to streamline bookings for event venues and guest rooms.

Mashman Ventures

Founded by Isaac Mashman, Mashman Ventures is a leading public relations firm specializing in personal branding.


Started by Yash Daftary, FanBasis is a digital experience marketplace where celebrities, athletes, influencers, and artists can sell digital experiences.


MovieWire, started by Richard Mason, is your go-to source for entertainment news, reviews, and industry analysis.


Influur, launched by Alessandra Angelini, Fefi Oliveira,  Valeria Angelini and Paula Coleman, facilitates a meeting point for influencers and brands to collaboratively work.


Michael DeLucca’s LOOP is a social travel app redefining the travel discovery and booking process.


Founded by Antony Robert Da Corte, Iñigo Bunzl, and Juan Antonio Jiménez López, Colkie is fostering the content creator’s economy for musicians.

In conclusion, Miami’s vibrant start-up scene is home to a plethora of intriguing content start-ups that are disrupting traditional boundaries with innovative approaches and are well-poised for success in the future.

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