Exploring Miami’s Top Influential Consumer Startups in the Nation, 2023

With its vibrant startup ecosystem, Miami, Florida presents a plethora of innovative startups, particularly in the consumer sector. From fashion and beauty, AI, health and wellness, to sustainability – Miami’s consumer startups are diverse and exciting. What fuels these startups’ success is not only the city’s unique multiculturalism, but also its strong business scene, where entrepreneurs can enjoy low taxes, business-friendly regulations, and interconnection with Latin America’s growing markets. In this feature, we delve into some of Miami’s most interesting consumer startups, exploring their background, ethos, and unique offerings.

Crown Affair

Founded by Dianna Cohen, Crown Affair is a hair-care brand specializing in luxury products and consumer goods. This startup targets customers seeking high-quality hair-care solutions. They stand out through their commitment to providing beautifully crafted, accessible tools and hair ceremonies that encourage a more thoughtful, reverent approach to hair care.


Fuego is a dance-inspired athleisure brand brought to life by Kevin Weschler. Known for their patented dance sneakers, they are worn by dancers in over 100 countries. Fuego has successfully managed to blend fashion with performance, delivering footwear that both looks good and serves its functional purpose.


A venture fund and startup studio, EONXI, founded by Sherrard Harrington, is a hub operating in the industry of Blockchain, Consumer, Enterprise Software, eSports, Gaming, and the Internet. The company aim is to develop innovative solutions and invest in promising startups within its operational spectrum.

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Founded by Luis Juarez, Babelus AI helps global procurement teams deliver outstanding results by keeping supplier databases up-to-date. By leveraging AI, they’re drastically improving the efficiency of procurement processes and decision making, marking a significant step forward in the industry.

Tagwood BBQ

Tagwood BBQ designs and manufactures BBQ grills. This startup has carved a niche for themselves within the consumer electronics and manufacturing industry by meeting customers’ preferences for high-quality grills.


Thermaband, founded by Debbie and Markea Dickinson, is a health and wellness company. The startup empowers menopausal women with personal comfort on demand through a cooling/warming wearable. They fill a void in personal health concerns targeting women, thereby making impactful strides in the wearable tech market.


Wisecut, created by Ivo and Vicente Machado, leverages generative AI and speech recognition to edit videos automatically. In a world increasingly dependent on engaging digital content, Wisecut is making video editing more efficiently through technology.

The Cobblers

The Cobblers, founded by David Perez, Guillermo Barragan, and Rafael de Guzman, is the leading marketplace offering cleaning, repair, and restoration services for luxury goods. This startup has identified an underserved market and is offering a much-needed service.


Jason Smith and Nicholas Garcia founded Fortunafi bring institutional yield products to DeFi by rebuilding the securitization stack from the ground up. This startup is leading the charge in pushing the boundaries of the financial services industry.

Conscience VC

Founded by Ariana Thacker, Conscience VC invests into early-stage, science-led consumer companies. Their investment approach is driven by a commitment to pushing the boundaries of consumer science and its applications.

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Founded by Kim Perell, 100.co uses AI to better predict product needs and market fits. By leveraging AI, it allows consumer brand groups to stay ahead in the market competition.

Bay Smokes

Bay Smokes is an online shop that sells various cannabis products like vapes, cartridges, tinctures, edibles, and hemp flowers. It is creating a reliable eCommerce platform for those looking for marijuana and hemp products.


Worky is a startup that focuses on developing remote work experience by producing innovative, practical, and convenient work from home products. With the rise of the remote work trend, the company is delivering much-needed solutions for work-from-home employees.


MintedLeaf produces CBD oils and capsules as an alternative to traditional medicine. This startup is making significant strides in the wellness industry by offering consumers a holistic approach to their health care.


Ed Lando started Goody to make sending gifts as easy as sending a text. By offering an efficient gifting solution, the startup cuts through the time-consuming process of gift buying and shipping, making the act of giving more accessible and enjoyable.

These startups show the dynamic energy of Miami’s startup ecosystem, bringing new ideas and solving everyday problems in unique ways. With such a brilliant array of consumer startups, Miami continues to cement its place as a booming hub of innovation in the United States.

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