Discover New York’s Most Influential Video Game Startups in 2023

New York, often cited as the epitome of a bustling metropolis, is home to a thriving startup ecosystem. In particular, it’s made major strides in the video gaming industry. This industry has exponentially grown within the past decade – attributable to increasing technological advancements and a desire for more immersive entertainment. With that in mind, we delve into some of the city’s most intriguing endeavors in this space. New York’s video gaming startups are impressively diverse, spanning from eSports, card games to analytic solutions, offering a glimpse into the future of the industry.

By creatively leveraging technological advancements, these startups have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the rapidly evolving industry. The startups are not just changing the face of gaming but are also revolutionizing associated industries like analytics, online portals, entertainment, etc. Whether it be creating diverse story-driven mobile games or developing infrastructure solutions to improve game monetization, these startups are changing the game (pun intended).

Adding to New York’s reputation as a tech and innovative hub, these startups are set to redefine the way we perceive, interact, and experience video games. Together, these ventures allow us to explore different realities, all the while pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity from New York City. Buckle up your seatbelts as we take you on an exciting journey through the world of game-changing innovations!


As a global esports and technology company, Vindex connects games and gamers, and is committed to pioneering the eSports and Digital Entertainment scene. Founded by Jason Garmise, Michael Sepso, and Sundance DiGiovanni, Vindex is certain to impact the video games industry in significant ways.

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Lectron, founded by Viet York, has positioned itself at the crossroads of software and gaming. It provides Metaverse DDoS Protection, Acceleration & Web3 Products—one of the many companies to capitalize on the rise of Web 3.0 applications in the gaming world.


Co-founded by Elad Levy, Dive has fused analytics with gaming. Offering custom Analytics & LiveOps for games, Dive optimizes gaming experience and operations.


Dedicated to the excitement and energy of e-sports and gaming, Xen, with Jordan Lazarus at the helm, offers dynamic solutions intertwined with entertainment.

Thousand Ant

Thousand Ant takes a unique approach by crafting appealing content for gaming enthusiasts, primarily through podcasting. Thousand Ant offers valuable insights, development tips, and exclusive content all centered around video games.


GosuNow, conceptualized by Jordan Schoen and Julio Rivera, focuses on eSports community development and organizes tournaments to keep the gaming community engaged and active.

One Earth Rising™

Developers can reliably improve their game’s monetization and ownership capabilities thanks to One Earth Rising™. This venture by Beryl Basham and Jan Roessner offers vital infrastructure solutions.

Glow Up Games

Through creating and publishing mobile games featuring diverse stories, Glow Up Games aims to unlock the largest hidden market in games. The founders, Latoya Peterson and Mitu Khandaker, target inclusivity and diversity through their product offerings.


Co-founded by Ariel Horn and Ben Kusin, VENN is a 24/7 network that combines gaming, eSports, and entertainment for the new-age audience.


SquadOV offers an app that allows users to record and share their gameplay. Founded by Derek Chin and Michael Bao, this platform fosters sharing and analysis among developers and gamers.

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MetaZoo Games

Using an interesting blend of cryptids, yokai, and fantastical beasties, MetaZoo Games by Michael Waddell offers a boundary-pushing card gaming experience.

GATO Ecosystems

Designer Patricio Ruiz Yanzi’s GATO Ecosystems incorporates different gaming types into one platform, making it a unique blend in the casual games and digital media industry.


GamesCreed is the go-to source for gamers worldwide, offering the most up-to-date video game news and reviews.


Placing themselves at the intersection of internet and video games, Wards effortlessly connects the global geek and gaming community by organizing local events.

Clubs Poker

Founded by Taylor Crane, Clubs Poker aims to provide an engaging platform for poker enthusiasts, allowing them to start a game with friends in just 30 seconds.

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