Illinois Explodes with Influential Chicago Media and Entertainment Startups in 2023

Home to a vibrant and innovative startup scene, Chicago, Illinois is fostering an impressive roster of emerging media and entertainment companies. From game-changing YouTube analytics to political media consulting firms, this article looks at some of the most exciting startups in the windy city. These companies, driven by creative entrepreneurs, are redefining the landscape of the media and entertainment industry not only in Chicago, but beyond.

Fueled by a potent combination of creativity and technology, these startups are broadening the boundaries of their sectors in an astonishing array of directions. Whether it is by democratizing the music industry, reinventing the way we experience live entertainment or attaching a social cause to their business model, these companies are trailblazing a new path for the industry.

From events and festivals to artist-centric platforms and gamer-focused businesses, these startups cover the entire breadth of the industry. Here are 15 media and entertainment startups in Chicago that are setting the pace for their industry, disrupting norms, and garnering attention in a high-pace, evolving startup ecosystem.

Authentic Media Ascension

Authentic Media Ascension is an analytics and digital entertainment startup based in Chicago. Specializing in YouTube analytics, it uses data trends to help creators grow their channels while maintaining brand authenticity.

Three Point Media

A democratic media consulting firm, Three Point Media specializes in crafting political issues, advocacy campaigns, and digital advertising for its clients.

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Pride in the Park

Pride In The Park is a yearly outdoor music festival in Chicago that gathers music lovers from all walks of life.


Candi, co-founded by Keithan Hedrick, is a social network that offers fans the chance to virtually meet and greet their favorite celebrities and influencers.


A unique event discovery platform, Staj, allows users to discover local arts events and classes anywhere in the world.

Teeth Talk Girl

Teeth Talk Girl is an oral health media company founded by Alex Westerhoff, Whitney DiFoggio, and Zach Westerhoff. Their goal is to bring awareness to oral health through social media.


Clouty, founded by David Umeh and Ebrima Jobe, combines data, music, and finance to reimagine the music industry. They offer a platform for users to trade music as an asset.

Visual Feeder

Founded by Eddie and Yaxi Yang, Visual Feeder is an advertising startup that brings life to city streets through full-motion ads on high-traffic retail locations.


Stigma is a mental health app and media firm aiming to reduce the stigma around mental health disorders and promoting awareness.


Co-founded by Matic Rupnik, Huvii is an innovative gaming and advertising platform that digitalizes bar and restaurant entertainment.

MINT Talent Group

MINT Talent Group is a company that works in the live entertainment industry, offering artists a platform to connect with their fans and audience.


MediaBrain, founded by Nick Ellis, provides intelligence to decision-makers with modern analytics and big data techniques.

Epiphany Center for the Arts

Epiphany Center for the Arts is a studio that offers events, exhibition shows, and media shows in an artistically enriching environment.

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Bonfire Live

Founded by Vritti Sethi, Bonfire Live is an artist-centric platform that creates virtual connections between artists and fans, replicating the magic of a live show.


Downwrite, founded by James McHugh and Mark Rose, is a fan-fueled music publishing platform that allows fans and creators to collaborate on original musical compositions.

These Startups from Chicago are not only making a name for themselves locally, but are making their mark in the global media and entertainment industry. They reflect the ever-evolving and innovative startup culture gripping the windy city.

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