Discovering Miami’s Top Influential Venture Capital Startups in 2023

As the United States’ economy continues to expand and rejuvenate after the hit by the pandemic, the role of startups in driving innovation cannot be overstated. In particular, the city of Miami, Florida has welcomed several venture capital startups that are making significant strides in their respective industries. In this article, we examine some of these rising stars in Miami’s venture capital scene. These startups span various sectors including finance, information technology, agriculture, professional services, and consumer tech, demonstrating the diversity of Miami’s startup ecosystem.

These startups not only offer innovative solutions to existing problems but also create jobs and contribute to the city’s economic development. In the midst of the uncertainty and challenge brought about by the global pandemic, these ventures show promise in reshaping industries like financial services, tech, and consumer goods. As we delve into the unique backgrounds and services of these startups, we begin to see why Miami is quickly becoming a hotbed for venture capital and industry innovation.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the details of the startups that are shaping the future of Miami’s venture landscape. Each startup has a unique story and a mission to disrupt and innovate, driven by dedicated founders and teams. Here they are in no particular order:

Hypersphere Ventures

Founded by Jack Platts and Robert Habermeier, Hypersphere Ventures works as a venture capital firm that operates within the financial services industry. They endeavor to redefine traditional financial structures and systems through innovative means.

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SOFTBANK Latin America Ventures

Co-founded by Masayoshi Son, SOFTBANK Latin America Ventures is an investment firm focusing on internet related businesses. This venture has a significant role in mentoring and funding startups from various industries within the Latin American region.

Maquia Capital

In a thriving agriculture and financial services industry, Maquia Capital Financial Group, founded by Guillermo Eduardo Cruz and Jerónimo Peralta, has emerged as a leading provider for growth through Private Equity and SPACs. They continue to make an impact on the horticulture sector and beyond.

Gold Coast Angel Investors

With an objective to support ventures right from their infancy stages, Gold Coast Angel Investors provides venture capital, private equity, funding advisory, consultation and angel investment services. Their specialized services span through capital investment and professional services.

Everglades Equity

The Everglades firm targets investments in lower-middle market companies, including facilities, industrial services, and human capital management. They pledge to bring about a positive transformation across these sectors with their capital funding.


TrustServe, founded by Aaron Bernstein, provides a comprehensive spectrum of services, ranging from administration and accounting to venture capital and investment. They aim to streamline business functionalities and drive scalability with professional services.

Newtopia VC

Established by Juan Pablo Lafosse, Mariano Mayer, and Sacha Spitz, Newtopia VC is a venture capital firm aiming at early-stage startups. They work on providing financial support and training to burgeon these nascent businesses.

Conscience VC

Conscience VC, founded by Ariana Thacker, seeks to revolutionize the consumer goods industry by infusing science-led consumer companies with early-stage investments.

SB Opportunity Fund

Founded by Stacy Brown-Philpot, SB Opportunity Fund is a $100 million venture fund of SoftBank Group. It marks its presence as a significant undertaking in the venture capital and finance sector.

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MV Capital Group

Specializing in debt funding, MV Capital Group comes with services that cater to the unique needs of small and mid-size construction companies, thus rooting for their accelerated growth.


The Clerisy firm combines the aspects of a growth equity stage private equity firm and a venture capital firm, investing in consumer and techsumer industries.

Suntech Ventures

Suntech Ventures has stepped into the vibrant fintech sector. As a software company, it offers digital commerce services specifically tailored for the financial sector.


Founded by Dakotah Rice, Poolit intersects the financial sector with technology. It serves as an innovative financial platform that is reshaping the venture capital and hedge funds industries.


Pre IPO Club emerges as a venture capital fund with a primary focus on authorized investors. Committed to propelling forward the venture capital industry, it presents ample opportunities for eligible investors.

Sunbridge Capital Partners

Sunbridge Capital Partners is an investment management firm that provides fund investment services, thus creating a significant impact on the Micro Lending, Trading Platform, and Venture Capital industries.

As we look ahead into the future, the startups listed in this roundup are poised to drive the next wave of innovation and entrepreneurship in Miami and beyond. Marking their footprints in their respective domains through their dynamic solutions, they are set to make Miami a global startup hub and a thriving center for venture capital.

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