Miami’s Influential Travel Startups Pioneering New Trends in 2023

Miami, Florida has been a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship for years. The city is known for its vibrant culture, rich diversity, and energetic atmosphere – a perfect breeding ground for startups and innovative business ideas. Unsurprisingly, in recent years, several travel startups have emerged from Miami, offering unique services and products that redefine how we travel and experience the world. Let’s dive into the deep end and explore some of these exciting travel startups that call Miami their home.


Kwiwit is an online camp and activities booking website created specifically with kids in mind. Founded by Julia Pirtskhalava, Yaroslav Savin, and Yauheny Zayats, the platform aims to bridge the gap in the Children, Service Industry, and Travel sectors. Kwiwit offers an exciting range of activities and camps that children can enjoy, ensuring they have as much fun as possible while also learning vital life skills.

Holistica Destinations

Holistica Destinations is training its sight on putting a whole new spin to cruise travel. This destination development company provides trips for cruise guests and travelers, supplementing their journeys with unforgettable experiences at the destinations they visit. Holistica Destinations is an exciting entrant into the Adventure Travel, Amusement Park and Arcade, Water Transportation sector.


Integrating technology into travel management, MyVoiceTravel claims to be the world’s first voice assistant travel agency. Its goal is to reimagine the traditional travel agency model by integrating voice-enabled services. This is an innovative idea that opens up new possibilities for the Air Transportation, Business Travel, Hospitality, Hotel, Travel, and Travel Agency industries.

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Cray is an innovative video application that allows travelers to search, watch, book, and share travel information and experiences. The app aims to enrich the traveling experience with visual storytelling, making it an exciting participant in the Internet, Travel, and Video industries.

Born with a goal to drive digital revolution in hotel industry, helps to transform hotels into digital travel companies. It’s an innovative approach that merges technology and hospitality to shape the future of the Leisure, Tourism, and Travel industries.


Limood’s offers luxe transportation, chauffeur, and limousine services. Its services add a touch of luxury and convenience to any trip for travelers who appreciate the finer things in life.

Spazious, the e-vent company

Helping to bring the event space online, Spazious is a startup that combines a booking engine, a 3D Configurator, and an Event Management Solution to increase bookings for event venues and guest rooms. Founders Antonio Batanero Girbau and Borja de Francisco aim to change the landscape of the Content, Event Management, Meeting Software, Reservations, Travel, Video, and Virtual Reality industry.


Welltrip is aimed at helping patients find trusted providers abroad at a fixed price, making healthcare more accessible for travelers. An innovative startup with an essential service that brings relief and convenience to travelers with healthcare needs.


Founded by Jason van Esso, Jordan Scheffler, and Zach Picon, Crewfare is a group travel booking platform. It offers events a no-risk revenue source while providing guests with a streamlined booking solution. Revolutionizing the Software, Travel, Travel Accommodations industry, this platform aims to make group bookings hassle-free.

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TravelX, co-founded by Juan Lafosse, is a blockchain-based distribution protocol designed to create a decentralized, frictionless, and efficient travel industry. A revolutionary concept that is shifting paradigms in the Blockchain, Infrastructure, Internet, and Travel sectors.

Runway Health

Runway Health aims to provide affordable, convenient travel medication. With a focus on accessibility, Runway Health caters to the Health Care, Information Technology, Internet, Medical, and Travel industries.

Telios Travel

Telios Travel is a travel management company that provides top-notch corporate travel plans, execution, and logistics services. Joining a competitive field, this startup portrays itself as a game-changer in the Business Travel and Logistics industry.

Travel Intelligence

Data-driven digital marketing startup, Travel Intelligence provides software for the travel Industry. Marking its role in the Apps, Information Technology, Software, and Travel sectors, this innovative company aims to revolutionize marketing in the travel and tourism industry.


Loop, co-founded by Michael DeLucca, is the first social travel app aiming at transforming how travel is discovered, trusted, and booked. Placing itself in the Adventure Travel, Content Creators, Mobile Apps, Social Media, and Travel Agency industries, LOOP aims to make discovering and booking travel as simple as scrolling through social media.


Welojets is a private jet charter marketplace that is tailor-made for the luxury traveler. Co-founded by Martin Baldoma Jones, Welojets seeks to redefine luxury travel in the Aerospace, Air Transportation, Leisure, and Travel sectors.

Miami-based travel startups are reshaping how we travel, expanding the boundaries of what is possible. With innovative business models and creative ways of leveraging technology, these businesses promise to redefine the travel experience in the years to come. It’s an exciting time for the travel industry, and these startups from Miami are paving the way.

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