Eco-Friendly and Innovative: San Francisco’s 15 Must-Know Electronics Startups

As the tech hub of the United States, San Francisco has always been home to innovative startups. In recent years, there has been a surge of exciting electronics startups that are transforming industries and making a significant impact on the world. From smart cradles to marketplace for pre-owned electronic components, here are 15 interesting electronics startups in San Francisco.

Khepra – Breaking Down Waste with Proprietary Technology

Khepra is a startup that uses proprietary technology and excess renewable electricity to break down plastics and agricultural waste. This solution is not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective for farmers and manufacturers.

FLUUX™ – The Power to Quit Vaping

FLUUX™ is a consumer electronics and software startup that provides users with the power to quit vaping for good. The company offers a smart vaping device with personalized coaching and support to help users quit the habit.

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Cradlewise Inc. – Smart Cradle for Baby Monitoring

Cradlewise Inc. is an artificial intelligence and internet of things startup that offers a smart cradle with responsive rocking and integrated contactless baby monitoring. This startup aims to make parenting easier and more convenient for parents.

Maker Portal – Solutions for Complex Problems

Maker Portal is a consulting and software startup that focuses on providing solutions to complex problems in science, engineering, and technology. The company brings together innovators who are interested in real-world solutions.

Augmental – Access Information without the Use of Hands

Augmental is a consumer electronics and wearable technology startup that develops technology to integrate with the human body. This technology enables users to access information without the use of hands, making it ideal for individuals with disabilities.

Buoyant Aero – Unmanned Drone Airships for Logistics

Buoyant Aero is an aerospace and electronics startup that builds unmanned new drone airships that enable middle mile cargo logistics. This startup aims to provide a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for logistics companies.

Mobius Materials – Marketplace for Preowned Electronic Components

Mobius Materials is an electronics and marketplace startup that offers a platform for buying and selling preowned electronic components. This solution is eco-friendly and cost-effective for individuals and manufacturers alike.

Roin Technologies – Robots for Commercial Concrete Construction

Roin Technologies is an electronics and robotics startup that builds robots to automate commercial concrete construction. This solution not only reduces labor costs but also provides a more efficient and consistent construction process.

Wield – Platform for Prosthetic Systems

Wield is an electronics and product research startup that creates a platform for prosthetic systems. This solution allows individuals to control their prosthetics with computers, providing a more convenient and customizable experience.

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TeraWatt Technology – Electrifying for Sustainable Future

TeraWatt Technology is a battery, electronics, and renewable energy startup that aims to electrify all for a sustainable future. This startup provides innovative energy storage solutions that are eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Impulse – Stoves with Battery Solution

Impulse is a computer and electronics startup that offers stoves with a battery solution. This solution provides a more convenient and eco-friendly cooking experience for individuals and families.

Lumacart – Retail Platform with Ultrafast Same Day Delivery

Lumacart is an e-commerce and retail startup that offers a retail platform that allows consumers to access all stores from home with ultrafast same day delivery baked in. This solution provides a more convenient and efficient shopping experience for consumers.

TBDx Design / Xbloom Coffee – Smart Tech and Coffee for Retail

TBDx Design / Xbloom Coffee is a smart tech, food & beverage, consumer electronics, and retail startup that aims to transform the coffee industry. This startup offers innovative solutions for coffee makers and consumers alike.

Cambio – Consumer Marketplace

Cambio is a consumer electronics and e-commerce startup that provides a marketplace for pre-owned electronics. This solution allows individuals to buy and sell their used electronics, providing a more cost-effective and eco-friendly option for consumers.

Heyday – Interactive Strength Home Gym for Seniors

Heyday is a consumer electronics, fitness, and health care startup that offers the first interactive strength home gym for seniors. This solution provides a convenient and safe way for seniors to train and stay healthy in their own homes.


These 15 electronics startups in San Francisco are just a few examples of the exciting innovation happening in the tech hub of the United States. From eco-friendly solutions to convenient and innovative products, these startups are making a significant impact on industries and the world as a whole. As they continue to grow and develop, it will be exciting to see how they shape the future of electronics and beyond.

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