Meet the Top 15 E-Commerce Startups Revolutionizing San Francisco’s Tech Scene

San Francisco, California is a hub for innovation and technology, and its startup scene is no exception. The city has a bustling e-commerce ecosystem, with a number of exciting startups emerging. In this article, we will showcase and explain 15 interesting e-commerce startups from San Francisco.

Resolve: Buy Now, Pay Later for Businesses

Resolve is a B2B payments platform that offers buy now, pay later billing for business purchases. With Resolve, businesses can pay for goods and services upfront and pay the balance later. This platform is perfect for businesses looking for more flexibility in their payment options.

Rutter: Universal API for Commerce, Accounting, and Payments

Rutter develops a universal API that integrates with every commerce, accounting, and payments platform. This API allows for seamless data transfer between platforms, making it easier for businesses to manage their operations. With Rutter, businesses can streamline their workflow and increase efficiency.

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EcoCart: Climate and Sustainability-Focused E-Commerce

EcoCart is a climate and sustainability-focused e-commerce enablement startup that encourages consumers to offset their carbon emissions. With EcoCart, businesses can add a carbon offset option to their checkout process, making it easy for consumers to contribute to sustainability efforts.

Vetted: AI-Powered Product Search Engine

Vetted is an AI-powered product search engine that helps consumers discover the best products and prices effortlessly. With Vetted, consumers can search for products across multiple platforms and receive personalized recommendations based on their preferences.

Pillar: All-in-One Business Suite for Creators

Pillar is an all-in-one business suite for creators. This platform provides content creators with the tools they need to monetize their content and grow their business. With features like social shopping and peer-to-peer commerce, Pillar is revolutionizing the creator economy.

The Naked Market: Next-Generation Consumer Products Company

The Naked Market is a next-generation consumer products company that is creating a portfolio of food and beverage brands. With a focus on clean ingredients and sustainable practices, The Naked Market is changing the way we think about food.

Plasmic: Page and Content Builder for Websites

Plasmic is a page and content builder for any website or codebase. With Plasmic, businesses can create custom pages and free-form content without the need for coding expertise. This platform is perfect for businesses looking to improve their website’s design and functionality.

Business Score: Connecting Online Businesses with Funding Options

Business Score is a platform that connects online businesses with funding options. With Business Score, businesses can access a variety of funding options, from loans to grants. This platform is perfect for businesses looking to scale and expand their operations.

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Cottage: Solving Housing Affordability with ADUs

Cottage is solving housing affordability by making it easy to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). With Cottage, homeowners can add an ADU to their property, creating a source of rental income and increasing their property value. This platform is perfect for homeowners looking to make the most of their property.

Sheltr: Effortless Home Maintenance

Sheltr is a platform that makes home maintenance effortless. With Sheltr, homeowners can schedule repairs and maintenance services with just a few clicks. This platform is perfect for busy homeowners looking to simplify their home maintenance.

Beacons: Link-in-Bio Website Builder for Creators

Beacons is a link-in-bio website builder for creators. With Beacons, creators can create a custom website that showcases their work and products. This platform is perfect for creators looking to monetize their content and grow their brand.

Photon Commerce: AI for Instant Payments, Invoices, and Receipts

Photon Commerce is a platform that uses AI to enable instant payments, invoices, and receipts. With Photon Commerce, businesses can streamline their financial operations and improve cash flow. This platform is perfect for businesses looking to improve their financial management.

Short Story: Personal Styling for Petite Women’s Sizing

Short Story is the first online retailer and top-rated personal styling service focused exclusively on petite women’s sizing. With Short Story, women can find clothing that fits their body type perfectly, without the need for alterations. This platform is perfect for women looking to upgrade their wardrobe with personalized styling.

The BuildClub: Mobile App for Same-Day Building Material Delivery

The BuildClub is a mobile app that offers same-day delivery of building materials. With The BuildClub, contractors and builders can get the materials they need delivered to their job site in under an hour. This platform is perfect for anyone in the construction industry looking to streamline their supply chain.

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Fit to Form: Online Portal for Shopping Women’s Dresses Based on Exact Measurements

Fit to Form is an online portal for shopping women’s dresses based on their exact measurements. With Fit to Form, women can find dresses that fit perfectly, without the need for alterations. This platform is perfect for women looking for a hassle-free dress shopping experience.


San Francisco is home to some of the most innovative e-commerce startups in the world. From payment platforms and data integration tools to sustainability-focused e-commerce and personal styling services, these startups are changing the way we do business. These 15 startups showcase the diversity and creativity of San Francisco’s startup scene, and we can’t wait to see what other exciting e-commerce startups emerge in the future.

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