Santa Monica’s Pioneering Financial Services Startups Shaping 2023’s Economic Landscape

Santa Monica, California, a renowned hub for technological innovation and entrepreneurship, is home to a large number of thriving startups. This is particularly evident in the financial services sector, where tech-savvy businesses are leveraging digital tools and platforms to revolutionize finance. From digital banking platforms with innovative savings reward programs to cutting-edge fintech solutions and investment consulting services, these companies are redefining the financial landscape in exciting ways. The following are some of the most interesting financial services startups in Santa Monica, each offering a unique approach to finance.


Co-founded by Dmitry Gritskevich, Germain Cassiere, and Zach Bruhnke, HMBradley is a digitally-focused financial platform that gives incentives for saving, disrupting the traditional banking industry in a financially rewarding way. In the realms of Banking, Finance, and FinTech, this startup is making a name for itself.

Optimal Financial Systems

Optimal Financial Systems offers a pioneering subscription service that provides users with first-hand expertise and agile technology. Specializing in Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, and Subscription Service, this startup is challenging the paradigm of conventional finance.

Sandfox Advisors

Specializing in numerous aspects of financial services, including investment banking and leveraged buyouts, Sandfox Advisors make the investment process seamless from start to finish. They leverage their knowledge in the Financial Services sector to offer reputable advice to their clients.

Hightree Advisors

Hightree Advisors is a consulting agency that offers versatile services to its clients. Their portfolio spans across risk management, financial advice, and educational services, effectively making it a one-stop shop for aspiring investors and institutions alike.

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Co-founded by Eric Chebil, CHER® is an online platform designed to make co-ownership of primary residences simple. It spans the financial services, real estate, social impact, and fintech sectors, introducing flexibility to the real estate market.


Rain, launched by founders Alex Bradford, Gilberto Garcia, and Jennifer Terrell, specializes in providing a unique payment platform that offers early wage access. This financial wellness benefit platform is ideally designed for mid-market and enterprise employers, aiding them in efficient wage distribution.

Chisos Capital

Chisos Capital, founded by William Stringer, injects vital funds into idea-stage and early-stage startup businesses. Operating in the realms of business development, social impact, venture capital, and fintech, this startup is committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.


Co-founded by Dante DiCicco, Zitti is a payment credit platform engineered for the food industry. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or food vendor, Zitti aims to streamline payment-processing tasks, making it a crucial contributor to the Financial Services, Payments, and Restaurant industry.


Empowering users with financial freedom, Return is a digital financial platform. Their ingenuity in Finance, Financial Services, and FinTech sectors guarantees a bright future for this startup.

WellAcre Global Wealth Advisors

From advice to financial services, WellAcre Global Wealth Advisors excels at providing efficient financial solutions. Their expertise spans across wealth management, insurance, tax, retirement, and estate planning services.


Founded by Nate Cavanaugh, FlowFi excels at processing financial intelligence data. Providing accurate records and actionable information to users, this startup stands out in the Accounting, Finance, and Financial Services sectors.


Co-founded by Jonathan Beck, Givelist is a one-stop app for all your charitable giving. This app enables users to easily discover and contribute to the charities of their choice, also providing them with insights into their impact.

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TerraScale is a collaborative endeavor launched by Danny Hayes, Philip Eggen, and Soheila Yalpani. The organization is committed to globally implementing sustainable green infrastructure, encompassing various industries such as Civil Engineering, Clean Energy, and FinTech.


Ivella, co-founded by Eric Wang, Kahlil Lalji, and Vishal Dubey, is innovating the financial world by developing banking products specifically tailored for couples. Through original software designs and FinTech solutions, Ivella provides financial solutions for every couple’s unique needs.


A provider of a bank for the digital NFT economy, MetaLend ventures into the realm of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Financial Services. This startup is spearheading revolutionary efforts to anchor and popularize digital assets in the mainstream financial landscape.

In conclusion, Santa Monica’s startup scene is bustling with innovation, which overflows into the financial sector. Driven by technology, these startups are geared towards improving financial services through the use of cutting-edge digital platforms and inventive business models. As these disruptive startups continue to shape the financial landscape, the future of the sector in Santa Monica looks incredibly bright.

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