EVEN Industries – Empowering Artists and Fans to Invest in Each Other

Empowering musicians to sell their music first and stream it later is the new concept behind Milwaukee-based startup, EVEN. This innovative platform provides a unique approach that allows music enthusiasts to contribute more to their favorite artists by investing in limited edition digital albums. The idea is to help artists regain control over their music sales and distribute revenue among collaborators. In this startup showcase, we will delve into the details of EVEN and how it has built a win-win scenario for both artists and their fans.

Introducing EVEN – Revolutionizing the Music Industry

EVEN is a digital platform that seeks to revolutionize the music industry, with a unique approach that benefits both musicians and music lovers. The company’s primary intention is to encourage music enthusiasts to invest in artists’ digital albums while providing them with the option to stream their music later. Using EVEN, musicians can set a price for their digital albums, producing an attractive investment opportunity for their fans. Additionally, artists can create informative content related to their music, share intimate behind-the-scenes photos, or offer merchandise, tour tickets, or exclusive content to their fans.

Benefits of EVEN for Artists

EVEN offers musicians the opportunity to regain control of the distribution of their music and earn a more significant profit margin. On the EVEN platform, artists can set their price and quantity, and they are immediately paid after each sale, with the revenue split among collaborators. With the platform’s Fan Connect feature, musicians can directly communicate with their fans, free from record label restrictions.

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Benefits of EVEN for Fans

EVEN offers fans the opportunity to support their favorite artists by investing in digital albums. The platform also provides direct access to musicians and their collaborators, with even the ability to fund upcoming tours and new content. Fans are allowed to download high-quality recordings that can be played on any media device for a lifetime. Additionally, EVEN offers its users the chance to interact with collective fan communities and engage in fan forums.

EVEN’s Fan Connect – Musician-Fan Communication Redefined

Fan Connect is an innovative tool that takes the relationship shared between the artist and the fan to the next level. Even with limited social media presence, artists can promote their music directly to their fans to secure immediate returns on investment. Utilizing Fan Connect, artists can easily send SMS and email notifications to their fan base, providing concert tickets, exclusive content, merchandise, and more. Fan Connect empowers musicians to maintain total control over the fan’s data, ensuring their privacy is secured.

In conclusion

EVEN’s platform is a creative breakthrough for artists, empowering them to control their revenue streams free from record label constraints. By providing more in-depth fan engagement and promotional tools, the platform reinforces the nurturing of the artist and fan relationship that is fundamental to the music industry’s future. It is indeed a sustainable way to empower artists to reach their full potential and offer fans greater value while investing in high-quality music.

Website: https://www.even.biz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/even_biz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/even.biz

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/even-biz/

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