Exploring Influential Art Startups Breaking Boundaries in Austin, Texas, 2023

Austin, Texas has been a breeding ground for startups that capture the spirit of innovation and growth over the past few years. Among these flourishingcompanies, those driven by or leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology have stood out, creating impact in various industries. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting and unique AI startups based in Austin, offering a look into how technology can be fused with creative minds to shape the future.

These startups hail from a variety of fields, ranging from Insurance to Education and Talent Management. Some offer AI solutions that streamline everyday business processes, others create AI-powered educational platforms, and a few build AI-driven Insurance products. Let’s explore these companies, their ideas, and the minds behind them.

Whether you’re drawn to these startups for their innovative edge, their potential for growth, or the tenacious spirit of their founders, there’s no denying the energy and promise these AI startups from Austin bring to the table.


Founded by Kevin Brinig and Todd Sifleet, LitLingo is a company that focuses on minimizing risks and enhancing culture within corporations. Using AI, natural language processing and machine learning, LitLingo evaluates and improves the quality and effectiveness of every communication sent within an organization.

Tquila Automationhttps://tquila-automation.com/

Tquila Automation leverages artificial intelligence to automate processes. The company specializes in RPA, intelligent automation, advisory services, and robotic process automation.


BigLittle.ai, founded by Harish Agastya and Nivedita Ratakonda, focuses on transforming business processes with the help of emerging technologies. This Austin startup helps organizations leverage artificial intelligence to automate and optimize their operations.

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AutoLabs is an AI-centric company that gives auto retailers a new avenue for improvements. They focus on providing AI Automation for Auto Retailers, streamlining the management process and improving service delivery.


Created by the Boddapus – Sri Rao and Usha, Arytic is an AI-empowered analytics and predictive insights employment platform. It facilitates connections between job seekers, employers, recruiters, and hiring agencies.

Altway Insurancehttps://www.altway.com/

Altway Insurance, founded by Brendan McCord, is an AI-driven platform that is revolutionizing the insurance industry. The direct-to-consumer brokerage platform utilizes AI to improve user experience and efficiency in insurance selection.

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