Top Blockchain Startups Revolutionizing Austin, Texas Industry in 2023

Austin, Texas, is fast becoming a hub for blockchain technology startups. The vibrant, edgy capital of Texas is home to not only renowned festivals and entertainment but also to a burgeoning number of businesses invested in blockchain technology. This vibrant startup scene is blasting past barriers and redefining what’s possible within the blockchain sphere. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting and noteworthy blockchain startups based in Austin:

These startups range from firms focused on blockchain and advertising to innovators using blockchain to revolutionize sectors like energy and music. With the continued growth and adoption of blockchain technology, these startups are poised on the front lines of a financial and technological revolution.

Let’s delve deeper into the innovative world of these Austin-based startups and see how they’re leveraging blockchain in unique and exciting ways:

Pegasus Promo

Pegasus Promo is a marketing firm specializing in NFT campaign strategies designed to promote businesses’ financial growth. This startup operates in the advertising, bitcoin, blockchain, and digital marketing sectors.

Future Tech

Future Tech is a blockchain technology developer. The company also provides consulting services within the information technology sector.


In an innovative twist, Hempchain introduces the world’s first SaaS AI-AR-IIoT-Robotics dual blockchain designed for the burgeoningly valuable Industrial Hemp, CBD, & Hemp-based products and services sector.


Blockcap, led by founder Darin Feinstein, is a blockchain infrastructure designed to facilitate secure cryptocurrency mining. This startup is making waves in the bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency mining sectors.


Rubicon stands out with a cryptocurrency and digital assets exchange, built on Ethereum blockchain. This innovation is the brainchild of founders Benjamin Hughes and Forrest Norwood.


Curios, led by founder Grant Powell, specializes in launching NFT marketplaces instantly and facilitating transactions within the Metaverse.

Astrolight Media Group

Astrolight Media Group, an innovative media company, focuses on developing media artists and personalities with a conscious eye on the advertising, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and entertainment sectors.


Bayro, founded by Edgar Herrador, is developing the Ahoj Finance protocol for issuing and trading financial instruments using synthetic assets.

Energy Ledger

Energy Ledger, founded by William Garrett Pete, is plowing new ground with a decentralized app for blockchain technology in the oil and gas sector.

Quixotic Bravado

Founder Josh Babetski’s Quixotic Bravado is making a name for itself in the worlds of augmented reality, blockchain, communities, film production, mobile, podcasting, and social media.

Inspire Semiconductor

Inspire Semiconductor, created by Alexander Gray, is delivering superior solutions for HPC, AI, blockchain and other compute-intensive applications rocking the world of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Computer, Cryptocurrency, IT, Machine Learning, and Semiconductors.


Royal, initiated by JD Ross, and Justin David Blau, have developed an NFT-based music platform that allows ownership in songs, tracing its roots to the Blockchain, Internet, Media and Entertainment, and Music industry.

Friktion Labs

Friktion Labs positions themselves as Solana’s largest portfolio and risk manager for individuals, DAOs, and Institutional Asset Managers, paving new ways in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

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