Exploring Influential Los Angeles-based AI Startups Dominating in 2023

Los Angeles, a city famous for its entertainment industry, has emerged as a new hub of high tech innovation over the past years. Silicon Beach, known as the tech hub of Los Angeles, has become home to many exciting Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups. These startups leverage AI technology into various industries such as fashion, insurance, energy, sports, and banking services, driving innovation and improving efficiency. Let’s explore some of the emerging AI startups that are making waves in Los Angeles.

First off, we have FINESSE [W], an AI-based fashion house co-founded by Alice Hau and Ramin Ahmari. By harnessing big data and gathering community feedback, Finesse predicts trends and optimizes distribution, bridging the gap between AI and fashion.


Entos, an AI startup co-founded by Fred Manby, Sarah Trice, and Thomas Miller, applies machine learning technology to energy and force evaluations for R&D labs. By doing so, they are improving the efficiency and accuracy of research and development processes.


Similarly, Counterpart, co-founded by Tanner Hackett, brings AI innovation into the management liability insurance market. By leveraging AI and big data, Counterpart helps reshape how insurance companies approach their operations.

nFlux AI

On the information technology front, nFlux AI, co-founded by Seyed Sajjadi, offers a unified, integrated interface where users can efficiently acquire information. Incorporating AI and computer vision into consumer and product research, nFlux AI provides next-level efficiency and effectiveness.

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Atomic Industries

Atomic Industries, founded by Aaron Slodov, Austin Bishop, and Lou Young Jr, is a computational manufacturing company that leverages AI to power its tools and die maker, revolutionizing the industrial manufacturing industry.


Floodlight, co-founded by Erin Angerer, Josh Pitts, and Nate Wyne, is a dynamic data analytics company that uses AI, big data, and risk management techniques to make greenhouse gas measurement and reporting fast, efficient, and defendable.


Mustard, co-founded by Jason Goldsmith, Luke Collis, and Rocky Collis, integrates AI with motion analysis for broad athletics coaching. By combining elite-level motion analysis with a user-friendly app design, Mustard bridges technology and sports in a new and exciting way.


Cratoflow, co-founded by Anand Murugan, Gajendran Ganesapandian, and Shivangi Patel, is a B2B SaaS platform that incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate day-to-day bookkeeping processes.


Cleareye.ai, co-founded by Mariya George and Sarath Sasikumar, intends to “Simplify Banking” by using advanced AI techniques, providing high-level software solutions for the banking industry.

SF Insuretech

SF Insuretech, founded by Robert Smithson, is an auto insurance consulting firm that provides AI-based data and monitoring solutions to auto insurance companies.

114 AI

114 AI is unique in that it manages data across different industries by utilizing AI and data visualization techniques to get the most out of information technology.

Wizard Labs

Wizard Labs focuses on reshaping game video creation and distribution. By applying AI technology, Wizard streamlines the process of creating game videos, making it more accessible to the mass market.


Icardio.AI, founded by Joseph Sokol, interprets echocardiograms using machine learning algorithms, with over 200 million individual images at their disposal. Their technology plays a crucial role in the medical industry, providing fast and accurate analysis.

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SpartaX, co-founded by Samuel Kassa and Yelekal Mengistu, aims at democratizing AI by building a no-code platform for enterprises to leverage their data and go beyond. With a broad scope of big data, cloud computing, and software applications, SpartaX is contributing substantial advancements.


Finally, Finesols stands out as a top-tier software development company. They excel in all areas of application and software development, using AI to drive optimal results.

In summary, Los Angeles’ AI startup scene is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. These enterprises are not only pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible with AI but are also preparing us for a future in which AI will be an integral part of our lives.

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Read more from US Venture News  Vegas Renewable Diesel Inc. – Revolutionizing the Diesel Industry with Environment-Friendly Fuel
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