Exploring Influential Los Angeles Food and Beverage Startups in 2023

Los Angeles, a buzzing and vibrant cultural hub, is also an entrepreneurial epicenter teeming with creativity and innovation. As part of its thriving startup ecosystem, the city is home to a compelling array of food and beverage startups, each providing unique products and services tailored to our evolving consumption habits. The following are some of LA’s most promising food and beverage startups that are changing the way we treat our taste buds while also considering broader issues like health, sustainability, and personalization.

Tom’s Watch Bar

First in line is Tom’s Watch Bar, a venture co-founded by Richard Schaden and Tom Ryan. Offering a high-quality, immersive sports-watching experience, this bar merges the food and beverage industry with entertainment. Whether you are a sports fan or just enjoy a lively atmosphere, Tom’s Watch Bar delivers a unique, engaging experience.

Uplifting Results Labs

Uplifting Results Labs, co-founded by Marc Washington, is a consumer health and food tech company. They focus on providing nutrition solutions that address chronic health conditions. Their innovative approach to food and health tech shows how startups can contribute significantly to public health.


Eliqs provides an online store that sells a variety of food and beverage items. Combining the industries of e-commerce, food and beverage, and retail, Eliqs caters to today’s increasingly online consumer.

The Plug Drink

Founded by Justin Kim and Ray Kim, The Plug Drink is a plant-based functional drink designed to support the body’s metabolism with liver-aiding ingredients. This venture reflects the growing demand for health-oriented, plant-based beverages.

Serve Automation

Serve Automation, founded by Benson Tsai, is disrupting the food delivery scene. By re-imagining how our favorite food is delivered, Serve Automation enhances the dining experience both in restaurants and at home.

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Misaky.Tokyo offers food and beverage services, catering to various tastes with its diverse and international menu.

Moku Foods

Moku Foods, co-founded by Matt Feldman and Melissa Facchina, is a company that specializes in selling mushroom jerky starter packs. This company is set at the intersection of consumer goods, food and beverage, and organic food, illustrating the growing trend towards plant-based, sustainable food production.

Pulp Culture

Pulp Culture is a beverage company offering fermented juice and ingredients. Their innovative approach to crafting beverages combines the craft beer, food and beverage, and food processing industries.


DELOCE, founded by Keaton Moody and Sean Zoka, offers a unique espresso martini that turns everyday moments into celebrations. DELOCE showcases innovation within the food and beverage industry by highlighting the power of specialty drinks.

Day One Beverages

Day One Beverages, founded by Chris Alfieri and Chris Clifford, provides a sparkling CBD water that balances and renews. This ingenious blend of taste and health benefits positions them at the forefront of the fast-moving consumer goods and food and beverage industries.


Vervet, co-founded by Alex Rosenblum, Hope Ewing, and Robert Fieldhouse, specializes in retail, sales, and distribution of beer and cocktails. Vervet showcases how the craft beer and food and beverage industries are evolving.

Byte to Bite Industries

Byte to Bite Industries offers a digital dining platform that includes delivery, pickup, and dine-in for multiple proprietary brands. They are transforming customer experiences by blending technology and dining.

Burrata House

Co-founded by Francesco Gatti, Burrata House provides delicious Italian sandwiches and other food items. As a restaurant that also offers delivery service, Burrata House ensures you can enjoy good food wherever you are.

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Hideout, founded by Danielle Sobel, makes high-quality food that is available for delivery. This startup takes food delivery up a notch, ensuring consumers have access to great food at their convenience.


The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning FLY BY JING, a food and beverage company founded by Jing Gao. By ensuring their products are both delicious and organic, FLY BY JING aims to improve both taste and health aspects of the food and beverage industry.

These innovative food and beverage startups demonstrate how Los Angeles continues to invigorate the culinary scene with new concepts and services. Their creative applications of technology, emphasis on health and sustainability, and commitment to customer experiences reflect today’s consumer preferences and the future of the industry.

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