Exploring Influential Miami Marketplace Startups Shaping US Business Landscape

The city of Miami, Florida, known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches, has emerged as a hub for tech entrepreneurship, housing a host of Marketplace startups. The innovative and diverse offerings in this sector are shaping not only the local tech scene but also penetrating and influencing various industries on a global scale. This article will introduce you to the interesting and paradigm-shifting Marketplace startups in Miami.

The slideshow of promising startups presented here spans various industries from E-commerce and Logistics to Information Technology and Real Estate, fostering new ties between local and global markets. These startups are not just shaking up their respective industries but, more importantly, changing the world with their tech-driven ideas and solutions.

Being uniquely positioned geographically and culturally helps these startups bridge markets and foster ties between Latin and North America. Miami startups take innovative concepts, transform them into brands, and leverage the city’s prestigious status as a global commerce center to promote and sell their products and services.


Bootup is transformating the recruiting landscape by creating a marketplace exclusively for tech talent. Despite operating in the crowded tech recruitment sector, Bootup stands out by encapsulating roles related to Information Services and Information Technology in an easy-to-use platform.


Shomer is a game-changer in the Commercial Real Estate and Logistics sectors. The startup offers an online marketplace for warehousing storage and third-party logistics services, simplifying and organising two traditionally complex industries for its clients.

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ProductShare is a retail e-commerce marketplace, leveraging the power of blockchain to guarantee the security of transactions. The company stands at the intersection of Blockchain, E-Commerce, Marketplace, and Retail industries.

Moda Design District

Moda Design District has established itself as a market leader in the E-Commerce, Fashion, and Marketplace industries. The firm offers online marketplace services to budding designers and retailers alike.


The Plixxia platform offers a unique Single Family Rental Marketplace, providing a niche yet vital service in the marketplace industry.


Bussco is shaping the future of shopping. Operating across numerous sectors including Advertising, Consulting, E-Commerce, Internet, Logistics, Marketplace, Retail, and Supply Chain Management, Bussco presents a holistic approach to the shopping experience.


Famosos is LATAM’s Leading Celebrity Engagement Platform. It provides a marketplace where fans and businesses can engage with Hispanic celebrities, promoting cultural interaction and exchange.


Malltera is streamlining online shopping by offering best deals on the best selling products. With their innovative platform, Malltera has made a name within the E-Commerce and Marketplace industries.

Live Tribe Club

Live Tribe Club is connecting artists with venues and clients through a unique marketplace. They are introducing a unique way of discovering and hiring talent in the world of Internet, Marketplace, Media and Entertainment.


RECUR is pioneering the NFT space by designing and developing on-chain branded experiences for fans to buy, collect, and re-sell NFTs. Their distinct application of blockchain technology is revolutionizing the Marketplace and Software industries.


1Konnection is the leading marketplace for senior care businesses to connect, transact, and grow throughout their entire business lifecycle. The startup caters to a wide gamut of industries including Business Intelligence, Commercial Real Estate, Elder Care, Health Care, Marketing, Marketplace, and Real Estate.

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Freeflow is laying the foundations for the future of web development, creating a blockchain developer marketplace for web3 projects. Freeflow leverages the power of Blockchain technology to forge its place within the Marketplace industry.


Latindi is a curated marketplace for retailers to connect with the best Latin American brands. With a unique business proposition and services, they are optimising the E-Commerce, Marketplace, and Wholesale industries.


Condos.com operates as the Developer-Direct Condo Marketplace, carving out a unique space for themselves within the Marketplace, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment industries.


Pivot has cleverly combined E-Commerce, Marketplace, Retail, and Retail Technology sectors to offer a Smart Consignment Marketplace for Boutiques and Brands, enhancing their growth and visibility.

In conclusion, Miami’s thriving startup ecosystem actively contributes to the global Marketplace industry, disrupting norms and establishing new paradigms. These startups are not only revolutionizing their respective industries but also embody the entrepreneurial spirit of Miami.

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