Top Influential Los Angeles Digital Media Startups Transforming 2023 Landscape

In the technologically advanced digital age we live in, LA has become a startup hub in the media and entertainment industry. With its thriving technological scene and the entertainment industry history, it’s only natural that digital media startups have found a home in Los Angeles, contributing significantly to the innovative startup ecosystem. This article highlights a few of these worthy attention-grabbing startups, providing a brief description of what they do and the creative minds behind their inception.

These startups range from media content creators, digital media platforms, advertising agencies, to more niche digital industries such as podcast production and wine communities. Each is unique in its approach to disrupting their respective markets with their innovative solutions and offerings. Regardless of their varying areas of focus, all these startups share a common characteristic: their utilization of novel digital technologies to bring about meaningful changes in their industries. Here, we’ll examine some of these innovative digital media startups hailing from the city of angels.

Rendering innovative solutions to traditional problems, these startups are gradually driving remarkable changes in the digital media landscape and beyond. With their pioneering ideas and unconventional strategies, they’re making significant strides in their respective sectors, revolutionizing how we perceive and consume media.

Just Women’s Sports

Founded by Haley Rosen, Just Women’s Sports is a spectator sports website providing a significant platform for women’s sports, ultimately disrupting the Content Creators, Digital Media, Media and Entertainment, and Service Industry. The company serves to address the underrepresentation of women’s sports in mainstream media.

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Aaron DeBovoise’s brainchild, Spotter, offers an innovative financial solution for independent content creators across digital platforms, successfully marrying the Digital Media industry with Finance, Financial Services, and FinTech. It allows creators to gain better control of their finances.


Vinohead, founded by Josh Entman, is more than a wine community. It’s a thriving digital media platform that has ingeniously married the worlds of Content, Digital Media, Publishing, and Wine And Spirits. The platform offers wine enthusiasts an opportunity to engage, learn and share their passion for wine.

DIVE Studios

With Brian Nam at the helm, DIVE Studios is a podcast production company that creates audio content with a vision to positively impact culture and society. It’s pioneering new ways of discussing pertinent societal and cultural issues via podcasts in the Digital Media sector.


Co-founded by Dan Kessler and Eduardo Fonseca, harbor provides an app and readiness platform offering an innovative way of enhancing emergency event preparedness such as wildfires through digital media, social media, and software in the National Security sector.


Newstream, led by Erika Lajko, aids media companies in getting more news stories and managing their content producers, thereby making significant strides in the Digital Media, Media and Entertainment, and News industries.

Jam Street Media

Founded by Matty Staudt, Jam Street Media is committed to producing premium podcasts for brands and businesses, revolutionizing the Digital Media, Media and Entertainment, and Podcast world.

SickBird Productions

SickBird Productions is a digital media production company specializing in creating and producing series and shows for social media and other platforms in the Broadcasting, Digital Media, Media and Entertainment, and Video Streaming industry.

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Wiser offers sports and influencer sponsorship analytics, providing integral services in Advertising, Brand Marketing, Digital Media, eSports, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Sponsorship, and Sports.


Mojave is an advertising agency that provides a wide array of services encompassing branding, content management, digital strategy, SEO, and analytics in the Advertising, Content, and Digital Media sectors.

Super Nice Productions

Super Nice Productions is an entertainment production company specializing in animation, scripting, and filmmaking in the Animation, Digital Media, Film Production, and Media and Entertainment industries.

Museum Of Dream Space

The Museum of Dream Space is a cutting-edge digital art museum that creatively blends Art, Digital Media, and Media and Entertainment. This startup provides a novel and immersive digital art experience to its visitors.

The Bold Owl

The Bold Owl is an online magazine that publishes diverse content ranging from lifestyle, health, business, and travel, thereby revolutionizing the Digital Media, Lifestyle, and Publishing sectors.

Creator Lab

Creator Lab is a technology company offering a unique digital and physical destination for creators in the Content Creators, Digital Media, and Media and Entertainment industries. The companies innovative approach offers creators a platform to nurture and showcase their creativity.


Founded by Amir Farrahi, IKONTUBE is a Digital Media and Entertainment company specializing in creating video content in the Digital Entertainment, Digital Media, Media and Entertainment, and Video sectors. The company’s innovative approach to content creation has seen it achieve significant strides in the industry.

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