Exploring Influential Miami-Based Medical Startups Revolutionizing Healthcare in 2023

American healthcare startups are making significant strides, not just in technology and innovation, but in fundamentally changing the way we perceive and approach medical treatments. The landscape is expansive, featuring startups focusing on digital healthcare, personalized medicine, advanced AI technology, and more. Miami, Florida has emerged as a hotspot for health-tech innovation, with a range of startups pushing the boundaries of how healthcare is delivered. This piece highlights some of the most exciting players in this bustling ecosystem.

Among them are companies dedicated to improving hospital hygiene, advancing genetic testing for medication, digitizing healthcare, and exploring the intersections of cannabis and wellness. These companies are setting new benchmarks in their respective niches, offering cutting-edge solutions that are paving the way for a new era in healthcare.

Each startup listed here is revolutionizing our medical landscape in diverse ways, standing out for their unique approaches to healthcare solutions. Let’s dive deeper into the work these Miami-based medical startups are doing and the industries they’re reshaping.

Intelligent Observation

Intelligent Observation is dedicated to improving hospital maintenance with an automated hand hygiene tracking system that helps improve compliance and reduce infection risk. Founded by Seth Freedman, the company operates at the confluence of health care, hospital management, and medical devices.


LeafWell is a healthcare company with a unique focus. It specializes in data science, cannabis, and patient advocacy. Under the stewardship of Emily Fisher, LeafWell operates at the intersection of health care, medical services, and wellness.

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ClarityX DNA

ClarityX DNA aims to revolutionize modern medicine by using DNA-based genetic testing to help identify the best medications for patients. Its impact is found within the medical and genetic industries.

Modern Trials

Working in the health care, medical and pharmaceutical industries, Modern Trials is a pharmaceutical and clinical research organization that is breaking new ground in patient treatment and care.

Infinity Doctors

Infinity Doctors, founded by Fabio Cristilli, is a digital healthcare company working to streamline health care provision via digital solutions.

Smile Institute

Smile Institute provides a range of dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, dental surgery, and emergency dental services. It operates in the dental, health care, hospital, medical, and rehabilitation industries.


StudyProtocol is a software solution designed to streamline patient recruitment for clinical trials. It operates across sectors such as Healthcare, Life Science, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Recruiting, and Software.

Shurfit Worldwide

Shurfit Worldwide is a supplier of personal protective equipment for the healthcare sector, operating within the medical and wholesale industry.

Filming at the Mouth

Although not your usual healthcare startup, Filming at the Mouth operates within the film, medical, and photography industry, focusing on movie news and theoretical analysis services.

Guma Pharma

Guma Pharma operates within the healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, and wellness industries, specializing in health and wellness products.

OXYGEN Healthcare

OXYGEN Healthcare is an Artificial Intelligence startup employing cutting-edge technology to power electronic health records (EHRs). Founders Raimonda Pilipaviciute and Yuri Frayman lead this innovative health tech company.


HealingMaps, founded by Cory Jones, provides information on psychedelic-assisted therapies beyond ketamine. It operates within the healthcare, information technology, and medical industries.

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Guard Medical

Guard Medical is a medical device development company aiming to reduce surgical site infections and improve the healing process, contributing significantly to healthcare and enhanced patient recovery.

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