Top LA Education Startups Revolutionizing Learning Sphere in California

There is an intriguing wave of innovative education startups emerging from Los Angeles, California. These ventures are breaking new ground in teaching and learning strategies, exploring new technologies and techniques to evolve modern education. For educators, students, or anyone interested in the education field, these startups provide unique solutions ranging from holograph hardware, STEM learning platforms to diversity-based institutes and neuroscience organizations. Today, let’s delve into the details and learn more about these pioneering startups.

Los Angeles, widely known for its technological advancements, vibrant startup culture, and forward-thinking approaches to various industries, is home to intriguing educational startups. These startups are revolutionizing the way we approach education, from the youngest learners to adult students. From incorporating technology in education delivery, improving access to high-quality educational materials, offering novel experiences, and fostering equitable and inclusive educational environments – these enterprises focus on reshaping the future of learning.

One of the most impressive aspects of these startups is their founders’ creativity, commitment, and passion to deliver practical, transformative solutions for today’s educational challenges. Serving various facets of education, these companies aim to improve access to quality, contemporary, and relevant education for all. Here are some of the most exceptional education-based startups that call Los Angeles home.

PORTL Hologram

PROTO, is an exciting startup founded by David Nussbaum and Doug Barry in the higher education industry, offering at-home hologram machines to revolutionize the teaching and learning environment. Besides higher education, the company also caters to the brand marketing, digital signage, media, and entertainment, retail technology, software, telecommunications, unified communications, video conferencing, and video streaming industries.

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Numerade, a startup founded by Alex Lee and Nhon Ma, offers a virtual learning platform specifically designed to add understanding back to STEM education.

Zpod, an audio story-finding and listening application co-founded by Cina Yeganeh, serves the education and edutainment sector, also catering to the audiobooks, e-commerce platforms, podcast, and software industries.


InStride is founded by Jonathan Lau and offers strategic enterprise education programs. The startup sits in the realm of continuing education, e-Learning, EdTech, and higher education.

Diversity in Leadership Institute

The Diversity in Leadership Institute is striving to improve academic and social outcomes for black and Latinx students in the Education, Non-Profit, and Social industry.

The Minority Psychology Network

The Minority Psychology Network, founded by Successful Brim, works in the education and health care sector, providing education and awareness to remove the stigma on mental health.

Squircle Academy

Squircle Academy is a platform that is shaking up the e-learning and training industry by revolutionizing the way people think.

CoCo: My College Counselor

CoCo is a personal college counselor web app to keep high school students and their parents informed and on track about college requirements. It operates in the EdTech, education, and higher education industry.

Punch Needle World

Punch Needle World provides the tools, materials, guidance, and support for punch needlers at all levels of skills and experience. It operates within the art, education, and retail industry.

Quantum Computing Student Association

The Quantum Computing Student Association is a non-profit student group that organizes education events in the association, education, and non-profit domain.

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Path Unbound

Path Unbound, led by Stella Guan, provides free and paid programs in digital design, portfolio building, career development, and creative entrepreneurship. The startup is based in the education, graphic design, UX design, and web design industry.


Tytles, Neil Honwad’s brainchild, is a key player in news & media, operating in the education, information technology, and internet sector.

Simply Neuroscience

Simply Neuroscience, founded by Chinmayi Balusu, advances interdisciplinary neuroscience education, outreach, and awareness for students globally, making strides in the education, higher education, neuroscience, psychology, secondary education, and STEM education sector.


SkillBank, founded by Mehak Vohra, offers a 1:1 mentorship and training program for entry-level marketing roles. Serving the communities, continuing education, e-learning, human resources, and marketing industry.


Grantey, founded by Paul Caruso, uses NLP to streamline the grant application writing process for Academic, Healthcare, and Biomedical Research Institutions.

These startups from Los Angeles are transforming education through diversity, innovation, and deep commitment. Keep an eye out for these rising stars lighting up various education sectors and shaping the future of learning.

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