Revolutionizing Finance: Remarkable Chicago-Based Startups Deriving Contemporary Financial Solutions

Chicago, Illinois, a city renowned for its dynamic and diverse startup ecosystem, is home to a range of innovative financial services startups. From digital technology companies transforming the financial sector, to boutique investment banking firms with global capabilities, these startups are spearheading significant changes in the industry. This article explores various interesting Financial Services startups based in Chicago, Illinois, United States, providing insights into their innovative solutions, industry relevance, and visionary founders.

With deep roots in finance and a renowned reputation as a business hub, it is no surprise that Chicago has become fertile ground for Financial Services startups. These startups are leveraging the city’s diverse talent pool and robust economy to provide innovative services that are changing the way businesses and individuals manage their finances. Whether in banking, FinTech, asset management, or investment, these startups are at the forefront of financial innovation, each with a unique approach to solving existing market problems.

The following startups showcase the breadth and depth of Chicago’s financial sector. They reflect the city’s vibrant entrepreneurship scene, combining technology with finance to accelerate digital transformation, reshape investment processes, offer innovative lending solutions, and more. Let’s take a closer look at these standout companies.


Amount is a digital technology company that accelerates the digital transformation for financial institutions. Founded by Al Goldstein, Amount operates within the Banking, Finance, Financial Services, and FinTech industries, delivering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of today’s financial landscape.

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Co-founded by Kenny Estes, Diffuse is a platform that hosts emerging funds using their rigorous investment process. As a player in the Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, and Venture Capital industries, Diffuse is redefining how investments are made by leveraging technology.

Chicago PACE

As a key player within the Financial Services and Renewable Energy sectors, Chicago PACE is a financial institution providing innovative and sustainable financial solutions to its customers.

Performant Capital

Performant Capital, co-founded by Michael Ciaglia, is an investment firm that specializes in majority and buyout investments in technology. Operating within the spheres of Financial Services, FinTech, IT, SaaS, Software, and Venture Capital, Performant Capital is a leading example of how technology and finance intersect.


Redstone, founded by Gary Zumski, is a fintech company offering lending solutions. Operating within Financial Services, FinTech, and Lending industries, Redstone exemplifies how technology is reshaping traditional financial processes.

First Women’s Bank

Established by Kim Vender Moffat, the First Women’s Bank is a first-of-its-kind platform that connects small businesses with innovative capital solutions. It has a strong presence in the Banking, Finance, and Financial Services industry.

Helios Healthcare Advisors

Specialized in providing strategic financial advice, Helios Healthcare Advisors operates within the Consulting, Financial Services, and Health Care sectors. They demonstrate the powerful intersection of finance with other fields, providing valuable insights and strategic advice.

CMD Global Partners

CMD Global Partners is a boutique investment banking firm that displays its prowess in offering financial services with a global approach. They are pioneers in the Angel Investment and Financial Services industries.

Edge Clear

Providing solutions across accounting, marketing, trading, fund management, brokerage, and more, Edge Clear is an application software company that caters to diverse financial needs. They function within the Financial Services, Funding Platform, Software, and Trading Platform industries.

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Regiment Investment Bank

Regiment Investment Bank is a digital bank connecting capital to investment opportunities. As a key player in the Finance and Financial Services industries, Regiment Investment Bank exemplifies how digitalization is revolutionizing the banking experience.

CalcGuard Technologies

Operating in the Advice and Financial Services sectors, CalcGuard Technologies provides data management, content, security, investment advisory, and governance services, demonstrating its versatility and depth in the industry.

Bayshore Growth Partners

Bayshore Growth Partners offers principal investing, strategic growth, mergers, and acquisition advisory services to middle-market companies. They are active in the Advice, Asset Management, and Financial Services fields.

Numerus Capital

As a provider of digital transformation and fintech consulting services, Numerus Capital is leading the way in the Consulting, Financial Services, and FinTech sectors.

Drive-in Capital

Founded by Cade Mlodinoff, Drive-in Capital is an operations-centric management company that focuses on the Quick Service Restaurant “QSR” segment. It has a significant presence in Business Development and Financial Services industries.

Sanguine Strategic Advisors

Sanguine Strategic Advisors provides management consulting services, offering expertise across a range of sectors including Business Development, Financial Services, Legal, Management Consulting, and Marketing.

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