Exploring Miami’s Most Influential Internet Startups: A 2023 Showcase

Florida’s Miami region is known for its stunning beaches, bustling nightlife and vibrant cultural diversity. However, in more recent years, it has also emerged as a hub for innovative Internet startups. These startups, paving the way with cutting-edge solutions across a range of industries, are drawing attention not only from within the US but globally. This article will delve into a selection of these interesting Miami-based internet startups, exploring their concepts, industries, and the minds behind them.

From dining apps that simplify the restaurant-going experience to automation services in the cannabis industry, Miami’s startups cover a broad spectrum. Solutions created in this city are addressing needs and spotting opportunities in areas as diverse as mobile payments, Industrial Automation, E-commerce, gaming, and more. By doing so, these startups are not just reshaping their industries but also contributing significantly to Miami’s technological and economic landscape.

Below is a portfolio of startups excelling in their respective fields and adding immense value to their immediate community, and often, beyond. Each startup brings forth innovative solutions designed to improve efficiency, convenience, or productivity, proving why Miami has become an inviting home for tech entrepreneurs.


RiceApp, co-founded by Carlos Emilio Gonzalez, Flavio Icaza, and Maria Jose Velazquez, is an app designed to make the dining experience more efficient. It allows users to book tables, order food, split checks, and pay right from their smartphones. This eliminates the need for waiting on servers and streamlines the restaurant dining process. Discover more about their service on their website.

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Playing a crucial role in the Cannabis, Industrial Automation, IoT, and Robotics sectors, Accelerant delivers automation and business intelligence through its Production as a Service solution. By doing so, it aims to enhance preroll production capacity while minimizing costs. To learn about their innovative solutions, visit the website.

Beach Box

Beach Box brings an innovative solution for secure storage of personal belongings with features like GPS and GeoFencing. This portable storage solution ensures safety and peace of mind for beach-goers. More details about their product can be found on their website.


Co-founded by Sherrard Harrington, EONXI is a venture fund and start-up studio operating in various sectors such as Blockchain, Consumer, Enterprise Software, eSports, Gaming, and Internet. The details of their operations can be found on their website.

Revenue Hunt

Developed with a view to revolutionize online shopping, Revenue Hunt is a digital personal shopper platform. It brings a new dimension to the E-commerce, Information Technology, and Internet industries. Their official website has more on their effective solutions.

The Circle GDFO

The Circle GDFO delivers a secure cloud-based data intelligence solution for jets and yachts. Its solutions, spanning Analytics, Blockchain, Cloud Security, and Internet, promise data security to its customers. More details on their services can be found on their website.


Co-created by Karen Beber, OOjEE is a digital platform that provides special promotions for eating out at specific times of the day. More about their offers and services can be checked out on their website.

Escritório Virtual nos EUA

Escritório Virtual nos EUA provides subscription-based virtual office solutions for businesses, addressing the needs of the Internet, Office Administration, and Virtual World industries. More about the offerings they have to offer can be found on their website.

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Buskeros has evolved as an easy, safe, and effective job and professional growth portal that provides career opportunities to many. Their comprehensive services across Career Planning, Employment, and Internet sectors can be found on their website.

Lien Library

Co-founded by Mac Alabre and Rohansen Joseph, Lien Library offers a refreshing experience in lien information accessibility, monitoring, and collection on properties across various sectors like AI, Big Data, Government, Information Services, Internet, Machine Learning, Real Estate, and Software. Find more about their approach on their website.


Steambull, co-founded by Juan Diaz, brings an on-demand car care delivered app, pivotal in the Automotive, Internet, Mobile Apps, Service Industry, and Software sectors. More on their specialized services can be found on their website.


Co-created by Brandon Ogbolu, WRLDVW offers a market of intangible assets in the form of names and locations. Learn more about their unique offerings on their website.


ADZIV, co-founded by Usman Khalil, is a full-service digital marketing agency that plays a crucial role in Advertising, E-commerce, and several other sectors. Their innovative solutions can be checked out on their website.

Shop Smart Autos

Co-founded by Richie Bello, Shop Smart Autos is an online portal serving the Automotive, E-Commerce, Information Services, Information Technology, and Internet sectors by offering a platform for buying and selling pre-owned and brand-new vehicles. Full details of their service can be found on their website.

Vision Insight IO

Co-founded by Serge Charles, Vision Insight IO is making strides in the sectors of Analytics, Internet, and Software with its computer vision software company that turns live video data into actionable insights. Learn more about their offerings on their website.

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