Top Influential Salt Lake City Software Startups Revolutionizing Tech in 2023

Every year, Salt Lake City, Utah pushes the envelope when it comes to creating and fostering new tech startups. It’s no surprise that this beautiful city attracts top talent and innovative entrepreneurs, as it quickly becomes a hub for technology and software development in the United States..This article showcases the interesting new Software startups flourishing in Salt Lake City.

From data services to AI, e-commerce, FinTech and education platforms, the startup scene in Salt Lake City is buzzing. These startups exceptionally use technology to solve everyday consumer and business-related problems in innovative ways. These game-changers not only have the potential to disrupt their respective industries, they also fuel Utah’s economy with jobs and revenue growth.

In this article, we take a closer look at some of these exciting startups that are on the brink of pushing their respective industries into the future. Let’s reveal these promising startups that have caught our eye.


Databento has stepped into the financial world to make financial data more accessible. Providing pay-as-you-go financial data, they enable easy access to necessary data for financial decision-making. The founders Christina Qi and her team are seamlessly integrating financial data with cloud data services, software, and market research to create more significant, actionable insights for companies.

Brite Benefits

Brite Benefits is an education platform for employee benefits. Founded by Ben Hale, the start-up revolutionizes HR and benefit distribution through a software platform that promotes education and awareness about employee benefits.

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RIVN offers a SaaS solution that enables businesses to easily scale consumer deletion functionality. This is particularly relevant in the wake of new regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Founders Aaron DeRose, Dereck Hatcher and Glen Horsley are on the cutting edge of privacy and data control.


SixFifty combines legal expertise with high-end technology. This Wilson Sonsini subsidiary uses its in-depth understanding of the digital world to develop software solutions for the tech law industry.


Building better teams is the mission of weThink. By identifying and developing future-proof, transferable skills for talent and teams, this startup, led by founder Katrina Salazar, is contributing meaningfully to the E-Learning and SaaS industry.

HotWax Commerce

HotWax Commerce has brought to market an Omnichannel Order Management System for retail brands. Anil Patel and his team have developed software to streamline the order management processes across multiple channels.


Agreed provides businesses with easy-to-use management platforms to seamlessly streamline workflows, enhancing productivity and business growth.

Customer Dynamics

Delivering CRM and contact center solutions for businesses, Customer Dynamics has become a major contributor to the Cloud SaaS industry.


Abodea is a major player in the property rental management space, offering software solutions to facilitate efficient and effective property rental management.


OODA Pro is a much-needed marketing platform that provides tools, support, and resources for businesses. This startup strives to drive growth and development through smart marketing strategies.


Changing the way organizations operate in the digital age is ARVUA. Founded by Nathan Fox and Stuart Derman, this tech company’s innovations are transforming business operations internally and externally.

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Thanks has created a unique, cloud-based platform that enables businesses to recognize and reward their employees. The innovation of founders Bhabani Panda, Brandon Nielsen, and LD Weller makes employee recognition easy and impactful.


Improving service delivery in the healthcare, government, education sectors, Feusr provides purposeful software. Initiatives from CEO Jessey Steele and COO Gabriella GSte and their team are revolutionizing essential service industries.

Krado Inc.

Krado Inc is a multifaceted company offering SaaS, mobile app development, and consumer product/service development. Founders Eric Lo, Jesse Montgomery, and Max Ono are pushing the frontiers of software design and development.

Strider Technologies

Strider Technologies is combating threats beyond the cyber domain with their innovative, data-driven software tools. Founded by Eric Levesque, Greg Levesque, and Mike Brown, Strider Technologies is making major strides in cybersecurity and big data.

Utah’s software startup scene shows no signs of slowing down, and we can’t wait to see what these companies do next. Keep an eye on these innovative startups for cutting-edge solutions, products, and services that may just redefine the way we live and do business.

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