Innovative Austin Mobile App Startups Revolutionizing Tech Industry in America

Mobile applications have radically changed the way we live our lives and conduct business. They provide services ranging from booking rides, ordering food, playing games to investing in stocks, all at the push of a button. This article sheds light on some exciting mobile app startups hailing from Austin, Texas. These startups are a testament to the thriving tech ecosystem in Austin, and have stood out for their unique business models and innovative mobile solutions.

Austin’s mobile app scene represents a diverse range of industries including Fintech, Educational technologies, Social Networking, Gaming, and more. These startups have leveraged advanced mobile technologies to offer innovative solutions to various clientele. The city’s conducive environment for startups and its thriving tech community have played an instrumental role in shaping these companies. Let’s explore these appealing mobile app startups based in Austin that are pioneering change and innovation in their respective domains.

The startups in focus have diverse offerings for various sectors – they provide solutions that revolutionize the way we play games, interact socially, manage finance, and much more. Each of these startups showcases the creative use of mobile technology to meet customer needs and stand out in their respective fields. Let’s dive into the details of these fascinating Austin-based mobile app startups.

Signum City

Signum City is a fascinating mobile app startup that combines the excitement of fantasy gaming with the complexities of the stock market. Co-founded by Lauren Winfield, this startup is revolutionizing education in FinTech through gamification and simulation.

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TruPlay Games

TruPlay Games is a Christian entertainment company that aims to transform the gaming industry for children. Their unique approach centres upon creating transformative mobile game experiences for children.


SevenStar promises to bring about a change in the field of law enforcement operations by creating innovative technological mobile solutions that help make operations safer and more accountable.


Dronelink, under the leadership of James McAndrew, offers an advanced flight app that automates drone missions, evidencing the potential of mobile apps in the Android and iOS industries.

Pop Social

Pop Social, founded by Rick Kim and Yoon Lee, is a social networking app created especially for students. The company aims to revolutionize how students interact and communicate.

Xantos Labs

Xantos Labs has heralded a new age in the financial services industry by introducing an online mobile application that helps users build and manage portfolios, effectively democratizing investing.

Do Genius On

Do Genius On provides innovative solutions for the development of native mobile applications on Android and iOS, emphasizing improvement, enhancement, and innovation in graphic design.

Devs X

Devs X is an IT firm that offers top-notch mobile application development solutions for diverse businesses, showcasing the immense potential of mobile technology in the business world.


Appkemy delivers a unique multi-platform, drag and drop interface mobile app designed specifically for Salesforce, revolutionising the way sales data is managed.


fieldd is a versatile mobile application that promises to redefine service delivery through various features like advanced scheduling, CRM, POS, and more.

Future Brush

Future Brush, also known as Future Brush Studios, was founded by Sagar Gulati and is a gaming venture that creates hyper-casual mobile games, emphasizing the importance of mobile platforms in the gaming industry.

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Change4Change, founded by Adam Taylor, has developed an ingenious platform that enables individuals to donate spare change from everyday transactions to spur political change.


Euphoria.LGBT, incepted by Kate Anthony and Patrick McHugh, builds technology solutions designed to return agency and dignity to transgender individuals going through gender transition.


Orkestry, founded by Charlie Bateman, Eric Kottke, and Gerardo Cambronero, is an emerging AI company aiming to revolutionize the IT industry by building online platform businesses.

The Round

The Round is a unique dating application, co-founded by Brian Atwood and Zachary Casler, which has been designed with a vision to help individuals find friends within their community.

In conclusion, these startups demonstrate the heights mobile applications can reach through innovation and the effective use of technology. Austin continues to grow as a vibrant hub of digital innovation, with startups leading the way in developing unique mobile solutions for a diverse range of industries.

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