Influential Los Angeles Computer Startups Shaping the Tech Scene in 2023

The DNA of Los Angeles is defined by innovation, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of groundbreaking technology. The city is notorious for its entrepreneurial spirit and is home to numerous computer startups that are revolutionizing various industries. This article highlights some of these startups; each unique in their design and operation but collectively driving change and redefining the tech industry.

Los Angeles’ burgeoning tech ecosystem offers a dynamic platform which these startups leverage to explore the intersections of creativity, commerce, and culture. From Software as a Service (SaaS) to Artificial Intelligence, from Cloud Computing to Augmented Reality, these startups are pushing the limits of what is possible.

Let’s take a closer look at these trailblazing computer startups creating a buzz in the tech community of Los Angeles and the unique solutions they are bringing to the market.

nFlux AI

nFlux AI is a tech-forward platform offering a unified integrated interface where users can acquire information efficiently and effectively. Operating in the Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Market Research domains, this startup is the brainchild of Seyed Sajjadi.


In the recruitment space, Codejudge is emerging as an instrumental game-changer. This platform enables skill-based hiring for recruiters, dovetailing the disciplines of Computer Science and Recruiting Software. Founded by Akhil Mittal, Krutika Rastogi, and Nilesh Agarwal, Codejudge is reshaping the talent acquisition industry.


Bringing a novel concept to the market is Morus, a vacuum drying technology and countertop tumble dryer for the home. Using computer technologies alongside Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Electronics, IT, and Innovation Management, Morus is revolutionizing daily mundane chores.

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Reveal Lab

On the cusp of Mobile Design and Development is Reveal Lab. A pioneer in Human Computer Interaction, Android, iOS, Mobile Apps, Product Design, Usability Testing, and UX Design, this startup is an initiative by Kate Nesterov.


GigXR stands distinguished in the Healthcare sector by using mixed reality to drive training outcomes, potentially saving lives and reducing costs. An effort by David King Lassman, John Payne, and Michael Mirel, this startup operates in the Computer, Healthcare, SaaS, and Software sphere.

Arch Platform Technologies

The brainchild of Edward Churchward, Guy Botham, and Laura Teodosio, Arch Platform Technologies offers a creative infrastructure-as-a-service platform, enabling collaborative teams to shift their workload to the cloud with the push of a button.

HiLo Vision LLC

Revolutionizing the educational sector, HiLo Vision LLC is an advanced, multi-faceted community platform for universities and students.


ADME AI is a SaaS enterprise brand recognition and tracking software that utilizes Computer Vision AI, crafting its niche in the Video Software industry.


Cofounded by Julian Rachman, Ripplink helps automate networking workflow for professionals using app-based software solutions.

Transforming the e-commerce sector, offers an e-commerce shopping experience that turns physical products into computer vision models. Spearheaded by founders Andrew Adashek and Noah Rosenberg, this startup capitalizes on AR, CV, Developer Tools, eCommerce, and Software.

Big Time Studios

In the gaming industry, Big Time Studios crafts online adventures through space and time, a venture by Ari Meilich and Thor Alexander.


Modernizing investment management, LevPro offers cutting-edge software targeting fixed income investment managers, an initiative by founder Ryan Barrows.

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Specializing in IT consulting and network security, Secure-Centric provides data protection and security solutions for enterprises. Founders Jake Celler and Shawn Phan lead this venture.


Mirrorscape is creating the future of social gaming by seamlessly integrating tabletop games into augmented reality.

Markup Hero

Finally, Markup Hero offers a screenshot and annotation tool that functions on the web. The productivity startup was founded by Jeff Solomon to provide effortless usability tools for digital content creators.

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