Influential Mountain View Art Startups Transforming California’s Creative Landscape in 2023

If you’re interested in the cutting edge of technological innovation, the thriving community of startups in Mountain View, California should definitely be on your radar. Mainly renowned as a global epicentre of tech giants, it is also home to a multitude of innovative startups, with a strong focus on the fusion of Art and Artificial Intelligence. In this article, we want to shed light on these fresh businesses that are breaking the mould and impacting the world of Art(, |) tech Startups.

With the help of artificial intelligence, these startups are revolutionizing traditional sectors by infusing them with groundbreaking technology. Despite the various challenges, each startup has managed to carve out a niche for themselves and are continuously striving to make significant strides in their respective fields. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at the startups making waves in Mountain View, California.

The startups we will be focusing on are both veteran companies with a proven track record of success and freshly-emerging businesses destined to redefine their sectors. Each startup covered in this article brings something unique to the table, ranging from Saas and AI integration, to machine learning and advanced voice-engine technology.

Level AI

Level AI is a revolutionary platform that helps businesses to automate tedious workflows and transform the customer experience. Based on analytics, artificial intelligence, and IT, it was founded by Ashish Nagar. The goal of Level AI is to make businesses more efficient and customer-centric.

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Gradio is an AI and machine learning company that pioneers the industry. Founded by Abubakar Abid, Ali Abdalla, and Ali Abid, Gradio aims to simplify complex processes and tasks with the power of AI.


VIABI provides businesses with an AI voice-activated virtual assistant. Specializing in AI, IT, and software, VIABI is transforming how businesses communicate and operate efficiently.


DATAZONE is a unique platform in the field of Data Science and AI. They offer innovative and efficient solutions catering to businesses of all sizes.

Brain of the Store

Brought to life by George Shaw and Wanda Cheung, Brain of the Store is a real-time AI platform specializing in physical retail. This innovative startup is using AI to revolutionize the traditional retail industry., also co-founded by George Shaw, is an AI-powered Spatial Intelligence platform. They use anonymous location data to derive actionable real-time insights for operations and marketing, thereby providing industries with valuable information to make informed decisions.


Growithis, a SaaS and AI-for-business platform, is built to assist businesses with smart and efficient solutions. They have a smart conversational assistant feature that makes business communications more effective and efficient.


Founded by Max Baluev and Pavel Osokin, AMAI excels at creating ultra-realistic text-to-speech voice engines. This company is leading the industry in AI and machine learning technology.


Pactum AI, started by Kaspar Korjus, Kristjan Korjus, and Martin Rand, helps companies unlock value by automatically negotiating contracts on a massive scale. Pactum is revolutionizing the way businesses handle contract negotiations.

Teamcal Ai

Teamcal Ai, a meeting automation creation by Lakshmi Chava and Raj Lal, is designed for modern managers. This tool helps managers streamline their tasks and meetings, making them more efficient.

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Crosscope is pushing the boundaries of healthcare by using AI in cancer diagnostics. Founded by Jayendra Shinde, Ketan Bacchuwar, and Puneet Pantane, they build digital pathology workflows with the help of AI-based diagnostic tools.

Algoritmi Vision

Operating in the realm of AI and SaaS, Algoritmi Vision excels at providing unique solutions such as abstractive search summarization for multi-domain operations.


JobSeer is an AI-powered recruitment portal that allows job seekers to connect with the right organizations. Their advanced AI technology aids in aligning potential candidates with suitable job opportunities.


Adrian Githuku and Evan Lee’s Sagelink is an AI-powered workflow management tool designed for customer success teams. Employing machine learning technology, Sagelink is set to streamline workflow processes.


Stork is an AI tool that promotes collaboration amongst teams. Co-founded by Michael Choupak, the platform aids hybrid and remote human teams in performing their tasks asynchronously with the aid of artificial professionals.

In conclusion, these Art(, |) tech startups in Mountain View, California, are redefining how technology interacts with our daily lives. Whether it’s helping businesses operate more efficiently, enabling superior customer experiences, or advancing healthcare technology, these startups are shaping the future of the industry. With the pace at which these startups are innovating, we can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

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