Top Influential Machine Learning Startups in Mountain View: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the vibrant world of machine learning startups based in Mountain View, California. Brimming with innovation and cutting-edge technology, these ventures are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and data analytics to serve diverse industries. These startups display an impressive range of applications for machine learning, from construction and retail to healthcare and software development.

We’ve tirelessly scoured the region to compile a comprehensive lineup of startups making waves with their machine learning technologies. Every company on this list is revolutionizing the way we interact with, understand, and leverage artificial intelligence in our daily lives. These companies showcase the hard-won advancements this technology and Mountain View’s commitment to incubating and nurturing these technologies.

Join us as we unfold the astonishing work these startups are engaged in, offering us a glimpse into the future of machine learning applications in diverse fields of work and life.


Founded by Dmitry Alexin, 1build is breaking new ground in the construction industry. Leveraging machine intelligence, the company has made it possible to convert building blueprints into material shopping lists and cost estimates, with just a few clicks. Industries: Construction, Machine Learning, Software.


Gradio, led by co-founders Abubakar Abid, Ali Abdalla, and Ali Abid, is an artificial intelligence company that focuses on analytics and machine learning. Their mission is to help organizations make sense of complex data and utilize it effectively to make insightful decisions.

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Brain of the Store

Co-founded by George Shaw and Wanda Cheung, Brain of the Store presents real-time AI solutions for the physical retail industry. They work on integrating the power of AI into the retail sector and bringing a more compelling and personalized experience to the consumers., also co-founded by George Shaw, is a spatial intelligence platform powered by artificial intelligence. The platform utilizes anonymous location data to derive actionable real-time insights for marketing and operations.


AMAI, founded by Max Baluev and Pavel Osokin, focuses on developing ultra-realistic text-to-speech voice engines. Their revolutionary technology uses artificial intelligence to make speech synthesis more lifelike.


Co-founded by Jayendra Shinde, Ketan Bacchuwar, and Puneet Pantane, Crosscope works in the healthcare sector to create AI-based cancer diagnostic tools. The startup is building digital pathology workflows, redefining how cancer is diagnosed and treated.


Cofounders Adrian Githuku and Evan Lee created Sagelink, an AI-powered workflow management system for customer success teams. The team at Sagelink is building a platform to streamline work and improve collaboration.

KODA Robot Dog

KODA Robot Dog, a robotics innovation company, is introducing AI and machine learning to the world of consumer electronics. The company was founded by Emma Raca.


Founded by Michael Choupak, Stork develops artificial intelligence assistance tools for teams to work asynchronously. Offering a collaboration workspace to support remote human teams, Stork leverages AI technology to optimize team collaboration.


Focusing on video conferencing problems in business, the startup Sybill, founded by Gorish Aggarwal, Nishit Asnani, and Soumyarka Mondal, develops artificial intelligence. Sybill is an enterprise startup that makes remote team-work efficient and effective with their smart solutions.

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Kumo.AI, co-founded by Dong Wang, Hema Raghavan, and Jure Leskovec, provides a SaaS AI platform that allows anyone in an organization to tackle predictive problems in business. Kumo.AI aids organizations in steering their business through the sea of data and towards success.


Rajat Kumar and Sugandha Kapoor started Shaztra, a no-code AI-powered platform that provides continuous automation testing for software teams. Shaztra is committed to innovation, delivering high-quality results, and enabling software teams to streamline their work through powerful automation tools.

Founder Robert Dong aims to build AI-empowered next-generation products that can lead to business breakthroughs with They are focusing on becoming a revolution in the artificial intelligence industry by creating game-changing digital products.

Inworld AI

Inworld AI, co-founded by Ilya Gelfenbeyn, Kylan Gibbs, and Michael Ermolenko, is a creative platform for AI-driven virtual characters, immersive realities, and metaverse spaces. By incorporating AI into the gaming industry, they strive to enhance the virtual experience of users.


Cybever, the brainchild of Cecilia Shen and Daniel Zheng, is crafting a generative-AI ecosystem and a frictionless content creation infrastructure. They envision to transform the field of 3D technology, augmented reality, and image recognition through their advanced tools and software.

And so we conclude our exploration of Mountain View’s machine learning startup landscape. Each company on this list is a testament to the region’s unwavering commitment to the pursuit of innovation. They serve as a beacon light, guiding the way towards a future steeped in the exciting promise of AI and Machine Learning.

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