Innovative Austin Training Startups Influencing Industry Trends Across United States

In the growing startup scene of Austin, Texas, a burgeoning trend has emerged in the world of training platforms. Startups are increasingly implementing innovative training methodologies for a wide range of initiatives, targeting everything from speech therapy to blockchain technology. The companies highlighted within this article all have one thing in common: a passion for education and growth. From providing guidance for landing tech internships to offering business coaching for IT companies, these Austin-based startups are leaning into their pioneering spirit to redefine training.

Austin’s reputable entrepreneurial zeal has underpinned the growth of many of these ventures. The city’s robust technology scene also lays the perfect base for e-learning platforms. Dynamism, technological competence, and creative intelligence are key ingredients cooking up the city’s thriving startup scene. Here are some notable startups that are spearheading innovative training within the Austin area.

For the purpose of this feature, we are focusing on companies across several industries demonstrating unique applications of training. We unveil the vision, mission, and unique approach of each startup, providing you with an extensive look into Austin’s exciting training-focused enterprises.


Catering to a niche yet vital audience, Expressable is an online speech therapy practice targeting individuals with communication disorders. Founded by Leanne Sherred and Nicholas Barbara, its unique offering lies within the fusion of e-learning, healthcare, therapeutics, and training.

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7 Figure MSP

Dedicated to empowering IT and MSP business owners, 7 Figure MSP provides business coaching and training. The startup targets a unique industry intersection, bringing together corporate training, marketing, and training to foster growth.

Central Metric

Founded by Kevin Lewis, Central Metric delivers strategic advisory, revenue operations support, and CRM training. They hold expertise in areas such as advice, consulting, CRM, and training, assisting businesses in shaping and executing successful strategies.

Second Wave Dive

Founded by Ryan Rumsey, Second Wave Dive offers hyper-focused leadership and meta-skills programs for experienced professionals in design and research. The startup operates within the education and training industry, creating a new wave of empowered professionals.


Product@TX steps in to fill a critical need for mentorship, providing students guidance to land internships at top tech companies in product management. The startup merges education and training, offering invaluable opportunities for young and ambitious career seekers.

Data Board

Data Board is a unique startup that offers a vendor-free membership organization for leading enterprises. It bridges several domains, including corporate training, professional networking, and training, fostering a collaborative environment for learning and growth.

Texas Blockchain Center

The Texas Blockchain Center provides consultation and training services to executives in the field of digitization. Operating in the database, non-profit, and training sectors, the center embraces the future of blockchain implementation.

Skills After Service

Skills After Service provides education and training services to veterans transitioning from military to civilian life. Working within the education, lifestyle, and training industries, the startup helps equip servicemen and servicewomen with the tools they need for successful career transitions.

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Talk Big Communication Skills Training

Delivering courses like engaging webinar creation and sales pitches, Talk Big Communication Skills Training employs an immersive learning approach. The Institute specializes in corporate training and training enhancement.


Co-founded by Dave Gullo and Mark Hellinger, Videate is a digital media startup operating across artificial intelligence, digital media, product management, software, software engineering, technical support, and training. Their offering is a simple but compelling promise: “From Script to Screen with No In Between.”

Bronco Ventures

Bronco Ventures is a venture capital and private equity firm that also offers training as part of its services. The company is geared toward business development, demonstrating the intersection of funding, entrepreneurship, and training.


Founded by Alan Brunton, Cymatrax is an audio technology company offering its services for a range of applications, from podcasts and music to corporate training and autism therapy. Its unique blend of audio, corporate training, music, and software underpins its innovative solutions.


RevoTRAC is a proactive resource management company extending its services towards maintenance and software integration. The startup offers services across consulting, software, and training, supporting businesses in resource optimization.

Student Ally

Founded by Alex Romano and Anthony Cesaro, Student Ally is a one-stop solution for codes and procedures, training, testing, student safety technology, and case management services. The startup operates within the education, legal, legal tech, software, and training fields, championing a dynamic and multi-faceted approach.

Indoor Air Hygiene Institute

On a mission to improve safety within enclosed spaces, the Indoor Air Hygiene Institute provides services for businesses, schools, and healthcare centers. Functioning within education, environmental consulting, and training, the Institute is committed to fostering healthier environments through education.

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Austin’s numerous training startups are as diverse as its population, extending into a multitude of industries — a testament to the resourceful spirit of the city. With a unique blend of tech innovation, educational growth, and a robust startup environment, Austin is the place to watch for ground-breaking training solutions.

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