Top Influential Los Angeles Real Estate Investment Startups in Spotlight

Los Angeles is well-known for its iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame, bustling Rodeo Drive, and scenic Venice Beach. However, it is also becoming increasingly recognized as a thriving hub for innovative real estate investment startups. These startups are revamping the established norms of the industry and offering new, exciting options for investors. Through unique business models, advanced technologies, and a deep understanding of the dynamic real estate market, these startups are shaping the future of real estate investing in the City of Angels.

From tech-powered platforms that simplify investment processes to companies that focus on specific types of property investments, these startups offer a broad range of services catered to diverse investor profiles. So, whether you are a rookie investor looking to dip your toe in or a seasoned pro searching for your next big deal, there is a startup in Los Angeles that can help. Here, we introduce you to some of the emerging real estate investment startups based in Los Angeles, offering you brief insights into their business concepts and founding teams.

Get ready to discover potential investment opportunities, learn about exciting real estate technologies, and stay ahead of the curve with these promising LA-based startups changing the face of real estate investment.

LPC Ventures

LPC Ventures is an owner, operator, and developer of commercial real estate that specializes in commercial real estate, construction, property management, and real estate investments. Co-founded by Eric Roseman, LPC Ventures is part of the Lincoln Property Company division.

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LK Secured Lending

LK Secured Lending serves as a real estate investment platform that extends expertise, technology and data to investors and real estate operators. The startup was established by Barry Levenson and Paul L. Kessler.

Global Hospitality Investment Group

The Global Hospitality Investment Group is a real estate firm specializing in asset and hospitality management, branding, and property investment. Kevin Colket is one of the key founders of this transformative startup.

Ashland Pacific

Specializing in the acquisition, development, rehabilitation, and management of properties, Ashland Pacific is a notable real estate investment firm based in Los Angeles.

Koss Real Estate

Koss Real Estate is an investment company with vertically-integrated asset management and financing capabilities, offering services in property development, management, and rentals.


Ascendant is an integrated real estate investment and operating platform that primarily focuses on hospitality and lodging properties.

Abbaszadeh Enterprises

Abbaszadeh Enterprises is a conglomerate of companies aiding businesses and individuals succeed in every aspect of life. This includes domains such as business development, consulting, real estate investment, software and venture capital. Founded by Reza Abbaszadeh.


Apt designs, develops, and facilitates the investment in standardized multifamily housing, contributing to the property development and real estate investment sectors.

Lark Capital Group

Lark Capital Group is a real estate investment firm that concentrates on investing in multi-family properties and offering property management services.


NineCap is a platform designed to help users find the best rental property investments through a data-driven approach. The startup was co-founded by Aditya Kajla and Karan Kajla.

Zietsman Property Group

Zietsman Property Group offers investment sales, equity financing, disposition advisory, and portfolio strategy services. The startup was co-found by Chris Lyle and Michael Zietsman.

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Bright Investment Group

Offering its services in real estate investments, the Bright Investment Group is another noteworthy startup in the real estate industry.

Argus Asset Management

Argus Asset Management is a real estate private equity company that develops and maintains residential properties for tenants.

Specializing in private money loans and conventional home loans, is a nationwide mortgage leader. Joshua Nouri is one of the founders.

Immobilium Inc

Immobilium Inc, a real estate technology company powered by blockchain, is set to bring global properties to users’ fingertips. The startup was founded by Nenad Mitosevic and Sasha Poparic.

In the ever-changing landscape of real estate investment, these startups from Los Angeles are offering unique solutions that are destined to shape the industry’s future. By keeping a pulse on emerging startups like these, investors and industry professionals can seize new opportunities and stay ahead in the competitive world of real estate investment.

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