Leading Manufacturing Startups Revolutionizing Chicago’s Industrial Scene in 2023

Chicago, Illinois, the city synonymous with its architectural wonders, deep-dish pizza, and legendary sports teams, is making a name for itself as a vibrant hub for manufacturing startups. Serving as the beating heart of America’s midwest, Chicago’s manufacturing industry has seen a surge in innovation-driven, technology-savvy start-ups. From environmentally conscious clothing manufacturers to cutting-edge aerospace technologies, let’s venture through some of the most interesting manufacturing startups in the Windy City.

These startups are not only disrupting traditional industries but also addressing pressing global challenges such as environmental sustainability, health care, renewable energy, and the future of automation. By uniting exceptional talent, innovative ideas, and a spirit of enterprise, these startups are reshaping Chicago’s manufacturing industry.

Providing a platform for these startups is key to understanding their impact on reducing our environmental footprint, revolutionizing healthcare, and advancing the frontiers of technology. Join us as we dive into the narratives behind these startups, their journey, and the solutions they offer to complex global issues.

Everywhere Apparel

Everywhere Apparel is a clothing company with a noble mission – to clean the earth while clothing the planet. The company manufactures clothes from recycled textiles, taking a decisive stand against environmental pollution. Founded by Maxwell Citron and Nick Benavides, the startup operates in the intersection of Fashion, Manufacturing and Recycling.

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Franklin Heritage

Franklin Heritage is a holding company whose investments cut across cutting-edge technology and manufacturing ventures. Headed by Andee Harris, this company is a player to watch in the Manufacturing and Venture Capital industry.

The AIRO Group

The AIRO Group is a fascinating example of technological convergence, leveraging technologies from the military and defense sector for a range of aerospace applications. Their focus on data systems sets new standards in the Aerospace and Manufacturing industry.

The Partner Companies

The Partner Companies is a holding company with a portfolio of middle-market manufacturers. They deliver raw material products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), fast-tracking the production process in the Industrial Engineering, Machinery Manufacturing, and Manufacturing industries.


Bringing smart and practical solutions to the table, Compocket, co-founded by Ilayda Buyukdogan and Selim Coskun Guler, offers innovative test and measurement solutions in the diverse fields of Electronics, Industrial Manufacturing and STEM Education.

Avivo BioOptics

Oriented towards healthcare, Avivo BioOptics offers critical services like cancer screening, optical biopsy, and risk stratification. This startup is making strides in its respective industries of Biotechnology, Health Care, Manufacturing, Medical, and Medical Device.

GK Foods

Helping private-label food brands hit the market efficiently, GK Foods is masterful at food design and manufacturing. An originator in the Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Recipes domain, this company is carving out its niche.

Holland Green Science

Holland Green Science, a supplier of laboratory equipment, is another name making a mark in the Manufacture, Medical Device, Product Design, and Retail space.

AH Blackmore

Founded by April Blackmore, AH Blackmore offers Management Consulting services, with a focus on Manufacturing and Industrial Assembly. With a lean towards the fields of Consumer Electronics, Food and Beverage, Industrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Professional Services, they offer a blend of consultancy and execution.

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Formic Technologies

Co-founded by Misa Ilkhechi and Saman Farid, Formic Technologies is increasing the collective output by making automation deployments trivial and easy. They are leaving their mark in the Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, Robotics, and Software industry.

Hyfé Foods

Hyfé Foods, a biotech company, takes an innovative approach by leveraging fungal fermentation to recycle water byproducts from food manufacturers. Its founders, Andrea Schoen and Michelle Ruiz, are pushing boundaries in the Biotechnology, Food and Beverage, and Manufacturing industries.


Pacas delves into the apparel industry with a unique proposition – manufacturing products from alpaca wool. The brainchild of Christian Arquilla, Pacas is establishing itself in the Manufacturing industry.

AION Prosthetics

In a compassionate move, AION Prosthetics is developing a system to provide adjustable, durable, and affordable solutions for amputees. Founded by Ben Satterlee, Charlie Erdman, and Joshua Becker, this startup operates in Electronics, Manufacturing, Medical Device, and Robotics.

Haylon Technologies

Founded by Dante Vaisbort, Namin Shah, and Raj Lulla, Haylon Technologies is defining the future of smart batteries. They are working in Battery, Clean Energy, Energy Management, Energy Storage, Manufacturing, Software, and Sustainability industries.

Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America

With a presence in Industrial Automation, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Manufacturing, Machinery Manufacturing, and Manufacturing, Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America features sophisticated Industrial Products (Equipment & Components).

In conclusion, from the clothes on our back to the energy that powers our devices, it’s exciting to see the wave of innovation sweeping through Chicago’s manufacturing industry. These startups are certainly indicators of a bright and prosperous future.

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