Leading Mobile Startups Shaping Austin’s Tech Landscape in 2023

Austin, Texas, known as the “Silicon Hills,” has been experiencing a tech boom. This vibrant city is not just noted for its live music and food scene but is now also becoming renowned as a hub for startups. From breakthroughs in FinTech to creating innovative solutions for traditional industries, Austin’s startup community is a melting pot of creativity and ingenuity. One particular sphere that is of special interest is the mobile application industry where a host of startups are offering unique solutions and services. Here’s shedding light on the interesting mobile startups based in Austin.The mobile applications developed by these startups cut across industries like Fintech, Mechanical Engineering, Digital Marketing, Education, Healthcare, Law Enforcement and more. They’re using technology to innovate and cater to customer’s unmet needs. These Austin-based startups are pushing boundaries and breeding a culture of disruption. They’re not only changing the game in their respective industries, but are also creating a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Noteworthy about these startups is the diversity in their solutions. From servicing of vehicles to gaming, drones operations, social media and health awareness, etc., these companies are reshaping how businesses and other life activities are being conducted. Without further ado, here are some of the startups that are making significant waves in the mobile industry in Austin.


NuBrakes is redefining vehicle maintenance. This startup offers mobile brake repairs right where your vehicle is parked. Convenient and affordable, their service eliminates the need for a visit to the auto repair shop. Founded by Collin Caram and Walker Drewett, NuBrakes is simplifying vehicle maintenance.

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Signum City

Signum City is making financial education fun. Their fantasy stock market gaming app makes learning about finance engaging and interactive. Signum City was co-founded by Lauren Winfield.

TruPlay Games

A Christian entertainment company, TruPlay Games is developing games that provide moral lessons for children. A blend of entertainment and spirituality, TruPlay Games is enriching the growing category of edutainment.


SevenStar is leveraging technology to enhance law enforcement operations. Their innovative solutions aim to increase safety and accountability in law enforcement operations.


Founded by James McAndrew, Dronelink provides a flight app that automates drone missions, which let users operate drones in a more efficient way.

Cloud Payments

Specializing in payment optimization, digital marketing, mobile commerce, and more, Cloud Payments is offering a wide range of fintech solutions to businesses.

Pop Social

Co-founded by Rick Kim and Yoon Lee, Pop Social is a social app for students that’s churning the traditional way of networking and interaction.

Xantos Labs

Xantos Labs is disrupting the financial sector with its app that assists in portfolio building and management, making investing simpler and accessible.


Valorus is delivering solutions in payroll processing, merchant processing, and equipment financing.

Do Genius On

Do Genius On is a software company that specializes in mobile application development for Android and iOS, contributing immensely to the Graphic Design industry.

Devs X

Devs X is an IT firm that aids businesses in the development of mobile applications.


Appkemy offers an easy-to-use mobile app for salesforce, using a drag and drop interface.


With its cloud-based digital healthcare platform, knowRX, co-founded by David Franklin and James Powell, M.D., seeks to improve therapeutic care delivery by providing vital health information.

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Striving to provide the perfect service every time, fieldd helps businesses manage their operations more efficiently through its platform.


Otomo is an AI-powered perks and rewards platform with an emphasis on personal and financial wellness. They provide member discounts and rewards experience through an embeddable widget that boosts engagement, reduces churn, and pays new revenue to clients.

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