Top Miami Security Startups Revolutionizing Safety in Florida, Unveiled

Miami, Florida has fast become a hub for cutting-edge security startups. The competitive environment and unique blend of industries in the city have fostered a nurturing environment for these startups to thrive. In this article, we explore 15 security startups coming out of Miami that have shown the most promise, offering innovative solutions to pressing cybersecurity concerns in various sectors.

These startups are not only diversifying how we think of information security but are also creating solutions that push the boundaries of technology. From cloud security and compliance to data intelligence and identity management, these startups are shaping the future of the industry.

Let’s take a look at what each startup has to offer, their industry, and who founded them.

The Circle GDFO

The Circle GDFO provides a secure cloud-based data intelligence service, specifically catered for jets and yachts. They operate in the analytics, blockchain, cloud security, and internet industries. Learn more about them on their website.


HPEC, short for Humanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community, leverages decentralized identity technology to offer physician autonomy. This embodies an intersection of big data, cryptocurrency, cyber security, education, health care, identity management, information technology, mobile apps, privacy, and social media. Led by co-founder Leah Houston, HPEC’s website has more detailed information.


Halborn’s specialty is protecting blockchain organizations from cyber-attacks. They operate in the blockchain, cyber security, network security, and penetration testing industries. Co-founded by Rob Behnke and Steven Walbroehl, you can visit Halborn’s website for more.

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Onboardbase allows teams to collaboratively work with app secrets and credentials securely. They work within the cloud security, developer tools, productivity tools, and software industries. Karlista Okoh leads the team and you can learn more on Onboardbase’s website.

Global Tax Box

The Global Tax Box offers a smart safe for global firms’ electronic invoices, operating within the business intelligence, information technology, and security industries. Find out more on their website.


AlterVPN prides itself as the first, and only, VPN designed for Hispanics, providing services entirely in Spanish. Led by founder Raul Morello, it operates within the cyber security, and software industries. More information is available on their website.


CYBEAR specializes in providing cybersecurity consulting, governance, risk, and compliance services. They are active in the cyber security, information services, information technology, and technical support industries. Visit the CYBEAR website for further details.


ByteChek offers businesses assistance in building cybersecurity programs to enhance sales and build trust from customers. They are noteworthy in the compliance, cyber security, information technology, risk management, SaaS, and software industries. The startup was co-founded by AJ Yawn and details can be found on their website.

Protect Your Flag

Protect Your Flag (PYF) is specialized in the delivery of cybersecurity services, including penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. They operate in the cyber security, intrusion detection, network security, and penetration testing industries. Find out more on their website.


Enveedo is a SaaS platform that helps to design, prioritize, and automate vital security activities. They are active within the cyber security, information technology, and SaaS industries. Detailed information is available on their website.

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Kovacs Technology Group

Kovacs Technology Group is a technology consulting firm that offers telecommunications and cybersecurity. Founded by Daniel Kovacs, they operate in consulting, cyber security, Internet of Things, project management, and telecommunications. More details are on their website.

Bistwork Inc

Bistwork Inc specializes in offensive cyber operations and works within the computer, network security, penetration testing, and software industries. The startup was founded by Johandry Espin and their website has more details.

CLEER Security

CLEER Security assists in increasing Security Operation Center (SOC) efficiency and productivity impacted by an escalating increase of alerts and tools. Co-founded by Alon Bender and Brian Harmon, they operate in the cyber security, information technology, and software industries. You can visit CLEER’s website for more.

Virtual Badge

Virtual Badge specializes in mobile security and access control. It was co-founded by Georges Duplessy and John Simion, and operates in the construction, enterprise software, mobile, security, software industries. Visit Virtual Badge’s website to learn more.


Last but not least, Verifiably provides a confidential cloud for secure private data sharing, collaboration, and monetization. Co-founded by Atul Payapilly, they operate within the cloud security and privacy industries. More can be found on Verifiably’s website.

In conclusion, Miami’s booming technology landscape is certainly worth paying attention to. As these security startups continue to shape the future of the industry, we can look forward to even more innovation and growth in this sector.

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