Retail Startup Revolution: Influential Innovators Transforming Shopping in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, traditionally known for its film and entertainment industry, has seen a rise in innovative retail startups venturing into diverse industries from fashion to wellness and food. These startups are leveraging technology to provide unique and personalized consumer experiences, pushing the boundaries of retail and e-commerce, and promoting sustainability and inclusivity. Here we explore 15 intriguing retail startups operating out of the City of Angels.

These up-and-coming startups, which include OYA Femtech Apparel, Pure Keto Dragon Den, and Patrick Ta Beauty, are poised to reshape various sub-sectors of retail. They are developing products and services that blend innovation, consumer values, and current technology trends.

From gourmet food and beverages to plus-size fashion, virtual reality wellness solutions, and package-free groceries, these entrepreneurs have found profitable, innovative niches within the retail space. Let’s delve into each one to better understand what they offer and why they’re unique.


Founded by David Nussbaum and Doug Barry, PROTO is bringing the future to the present by offering at-home hologram machines. The startup operates in digital signage, media and entertainment, telecommunications, and retail technology, among other areas, aiming to redefine the way we communicate and entertain.

OYA Femtech Apparel

Co-founders Mitchella Gilbert and Patrick Ayers are giving women more control over their feminine health with OYA Femtech Apparel. The e-commerce, fashion, and retail startup is disrupting the women’s leggings market with its innovative femtech leggings.

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Eliqs is an online store that provides food and beverages items. The retail startup is in the e-commerce, food and beverage industry and is part of the growing trend of bringing gourmet food and drink straight to consumer’s doorsteps.

Re_ grocery

Founders Joseph and Lauren Macrino’s Re_ grocery is transforming the grocery shopping experience by offering affordable and healthy organic food in a package-free store, aiming to appeal to eco-conscious consumers.


Founded by Keaton Moody and Sean Zoka, DELOCE offers espresso martinis aimed at making celebrations entertaining at any time of the day. The startup caters to the food and beverage, and wine and spirits industry.

MINDD Bra Company

Founder Helena Kaylin is reimagining the future of bras and intimates for D+ cup sizes with her startup, MINDD Bra Company, addressing a largely underserviced demographic in the fashion industry.

Mellow Ice Cream Company

The Los Angeles-based Mellow Ice Cream Company is a retail company by founders Enrique Gonzalez and Jesse Bride.

Pure Keto Dragon Den

Founder Adam Bremen’s Pure Keto Dragon Den offers a variety of low-carb and low-sugar snack bars catering to the health and fitness-conscious consumers.

Esqapes Immersive Relaxation

Founded by Micah Jackson, Esqapes Immersive Relaxation blends VR technology and wellness to provide franchisors and consumers unique relaxation experiences, disrupting traditional wellness practices.

Patrick Ta Beauty

Patrick Ta Beauty is a retail startup in the beauty and customer service space, producing and selling makeup products to beauty enthusiasts.


Re, founded by Christen Press, Megan Rapinoe, and Meghan Klingenberg, is a lifestyle brand offering customizable products and experiences for people in search of bold self-expression and non-binary designs. Visit Re to explore their innovative offerings.

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AMP Beauty LA

Founders Angel Lenise, Montre Moore, and Phyllicia Phillips are on a mission to redefine beauty culture for all textures and all shades with AMP Beauty LA, a tech-forward e-retail startup.


Smarty is trying to make internet shopping easier for everyone, positioning itself as a key innovator in the e-commerce, retail, shopping, and telecommunications industry.


Founded by Adina Luo, Fitted is an eCommerce company specializing in customization solutions for retailers and producers, transforming the traditional shopping experience to meet consumer expectations.


Stately is a fashion brand offering men’s wear, shoes, and accessories. The startup is an example of the emerging trend of catering to niche segments in men’s fashion.

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