Top SaaS Startups Revolutionizing Businesses in Los Angeles, California Today

In recent years, Los Angeles has seen an explosion of startups in a multitude of industries, particularly in the realm of Software as Service (SaaS). Incredibly diverse in function, these startups range from hospitality to health care, all bringing unique solutions to create a lasting impact. Here, we bring you 15 LA-based startups that are making a mark with their innovative platforms and offer insight into the extraordinary work they’re doing in their respective fields.


Paragon( was started by Brandon Foo and Ishmael Samuel and offers a data integration platform for SaaS apps. It empowers businesses to come up with products that effortlessly merge with the SaaS ecosystem, thus automating the data center and enhancing productivity.


Co-founded by Damon Mintzer, Dack( aims to refine the home-stay experience via its ingeniously developed SaaS platform. A step forward in the tourism industry, it melds elements of hospitality, IT and travel into a cohesive, user-friendly application.


Bevz(, created by Jason Vego and Victor Grayr, is a convenience store technology and services platform. Taking the e-commerce sector a step forward, Bevz brings shopping conveniences to your fingertips, thus providing a seamless retail experience.


Start-up BabyLiveAdvice( is a technology-driven telehealth service platform. Co-founded by Sigi Marmorstein, it caters to the vital area of maternal-infant care from the stage of preconception to early childhood.


Liquid(, founded by Saujin Yi, is a comprehensive global vendor and freelancer payments platform that promises to provide consolidated payments, automation, and finer business controls.

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Three Good

Three Good( spearheaded by Braven Greenelsh is a leading SaaS platform that provides useful insights and analytics on team mental health and wellbeing, thus promoting a holistic work environment.


Limitl3ss( is an innovative Performance Marketing Network founded by Michele Andreano. The venture encompasses multiple fields including E-commerce, SaaS, and Affiliate marketing.

Sonett Tech

Sonett Tech( co-developed by Kevin Rivers and Richard Rowlands, offers SaaS services and advanced web/mobile application development solutions.

GroWrk Remote

GroWrk Remote( is a remote workspace management platform co-founded by Carlos Escutia. It aims to tackle numerous modern business logistics and equipment management challenges.


SpartaX( is an ambitious endeavor by Samuel Kassa and Yelekal Mengistu. It has developed a no-code platform for enterprises to leverage their data and move ahead.

Beyond Appearances

Beyond Appearances( is an adaptable SaaS platform, founded by Moti Asaf, that helps companies transform predictive intelligence into easy-to-use insights and recommendations.


Intaker( is a digital front desk service for law firms started by Erfan Dehghanfar. This SaaS product is a significant step towards automating legal services, offering immense convenience and efficiency.


Essenvia( was developed by Basant Sahoo and Soumya Mahapatra. It is an online software designed to streamline pre and post-market workflow for medical device companies.


GigXR( is a startup that makes use of mixed reality to drive training outcomes in healthcare, and is a brainchild of David King Lassman, John Payne, and Michael Mirel.


Co-founded by Edgar de Gracia and Ryan Reeves, POURED inc( is a SaaS platform that digitizes drink menus and photographs retail shelves and refrigerators for instant analysis by beverage distributors.

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These startups showcase the vibrant diversity and innovativeness of SaaS solutions available today. With such talent and creativity, these LA-based startups are surging ahead, enriching the tech landscape and providing noteworthy contributions to their respective industries.

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