Revolutionizing LA: Influential Video Streaming Startups Shaping Digital Entertainment’s Future

As the epicenter of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles is no surprise home to a dynamic ecosystem of innovative video streaming startups. Revolutionizing the way we consume media and interact with digital content, these startups encompass various industries, ranging from gaming to live music. This article introduces an array of promising video streaming startups in the city of Angels.

These startups aren’t just opening up opportunities for content creators to reach audiences in innovative ways, but they are also reinventing the viewing experience for consumers. From hologram machines to platforms that allow spectators to control game outcomes, these startups are living proof technology doesn’t cease to amaze. And with companies such as Encore Music Technologies figuring out how to monetize connections between artists and fans, it’s clear monetization methods are experiencing a shake-up as well.

In order of their remarkable contribution to brand marketing, gaming, film production, and beyond, we spotlight the following Los Angeles-based startups that are redefining the video streaming landscape.


PROTO, with founders David Nussbaum and Doug Barry, is leading the way in brand marketing, telecommunications, and video streaming. Their flagship product, PORTL Hologram, offers home hologram machines, transforming the ways entertainment and education are consumed.


Founded by Lih Chang, Miurika Valery, and Shawn Janik, Flustr provides a unique mobile platform that makes gaming more interactive. Users compete in a live, short-form video game where spectators control the outcome, making for an intense and entertaining experience.

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Mo Abersheid’s startup, RockNTix, merges the worlds of media, music, and video streaming. The app-based platform for no-fee event ticketing is a boon for music fans who can now avoid exorbitant service charges.


Gamestar+ is making strides in the gaming and information technology industries. This interactive platform elevates the gaming experience by incorporating a streaming service.

Fox Soul

Fox Soul is a television network company that provides streaming channel services. This platform showcases the importance of video streaming services in the TV industry.


Plastik is a film production company that offers entertainment promotion and branded content services. With a focus on video streaming, Plastik reimagines content creation.

SickBird Productions

Specializing in the broadcasting and digital media space, SickBird Productions produces and creates series & shows for social media and other platforms, making video content more accessible.


Founded by Armando del Castillo, GayBingeTV is a streaming service targeting the gay men’s demographic. This platform celebrates diversity in digital entertainment and video streaming.


Founded by Ben Johnson and Rob Ogden, Tango is building the next evolution in interactive livestreaming. The startup merges social media, video games, and video streaming for an advanced gaming experience.


Fouded by Ali-Han Ibragimov and Rashan Allen, MOORvision is an entertainment technology development company based in Los Angeles. They are a premier choice for video streaming technology.


Founded by Ben Stueck, Ernie Le, and James Kuk, FreshCut is a web3 gaming community and content ecosystem built for creators and fans. With an emphasis on cryptocurrency, they are redefining the landscape of gaming and video streaming.

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Encore Music Technologies

Interestingly, Encore Music Technologies, founded by Ian Edelman, Jonathan Gray, and Kid Cudi, is an interactive live music mobile-based platform. This platform aims to help artists monetize their connections with fans through apps, internet platforms, and video streaming.


Struum, founded by Eugene Liew, Lauren DeVillier, and Paul Pastor, offers a groundbreaking platform that gives viewers access to thousands of shows and movies from over 60+ services with a single monthly subscription – a real game-changer in video streaming.

ForeVR Games

ForeVR Games, co-founded by Marcus Segal and Mike Pagano Doom, is an innovative gaming company dedicated to bringing VR to the masses. With a focus on video streaming, they transform gaming into an immersive 3D experience.

These startups in Los Angeles are continually creating innovative approaches to video streaming, giving viewers new ways to engage with content and establishing new methods for creators to cater their work to audiences. Clearly, the video streaming industry in Los Angeles is a hub of innovation and creativity.

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