Top Analytics Startups Shaping Miami’s Innovative Tech Scene in 2023

Florida is becoming a hot spot for startups in the United States, with Miami leading the way. The city is known for its vibrant tech scene and diverse array of innovative startups. A particular area where these startups are making a mark is in the field of analytics. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and advanced data analysis techniques, these startups are redefining traditional sectors and creating new opportunities. Here are a few notable ones:

The Circle GDFO

The Circle GDFO is a startup that focuses on secure cloud-based data intelligence for jets and yachts. They operate within the analytics, blockchain, cloud security, and internet industry. The company represents a growing trend where sophisticated technology is being used to provide insights and enhance operations in high-end luxury services.

Magellan Consulting Group

Magellan Consulting Group is a prominent business consulting service company that offers digital transformation, data analytics, and AI services. This powerful combination of expertise enables businesses to navigate digital change effectively, backing their decisions with deep and rich analytics.

Voyance Technologies

Voyance Technologies is changing the security landscape with its unique blend of expertise including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, computer vision, enterprise applications, machine learning, predictive analytics, and smart cities. The startup has been founded by Mostafa Abdel-Mottaleb and Rashed Kashem and is dedicated to advanced weapon detection, thus contributing to urban security.


SureAthlete is revolutionizing the sports industry with their blend of prism psychometrics and behavioral analytics. The startup combines these techniques to increase emotional and team intelligence of athletes, enhancing their performance on and off the field.

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yieldPass provides business intelligence and analytics for digital publishers. Founded by Sergio Aragón, yieldPass mashes up analytics, business intelligence, and software to furnish digital publishers with the insights and tools they need to succeed in the marketplace.


Cargologik, founded by Gabriel de Godoy, Luis F. Trujillo, and Miles J. Varghese, is a SaaS platform that offers collaboration, predictive analytics and end-to-end visibility to stakeholders in the supply-chain. They are redefining the freight service, information technology, logistics, predictive analytics, software, and supply chain management industries.

Vision Insight IO

Vision Insight IO, founded by Serge Charles, provides a computer vision software for live videos. This innovative startup is converting video data into actionable insights, making it highly beneficial for various sectors.


Founded by Oliver Belin, Calculum is a data-as-a-service company that employs analytics and AI system to optimize financial supply chains. Their contributions are significant in the areas of analytics, artificial intelligence, FinTech, payments, and supply chain management.


The startup Erudit, founded by Alejandro Martinez Agenjo and Ricardo Michel Reyes Martinez, is focused on generating reliable people analytics for timely, data-powered decisions. They are moving the needle forward in analytics, artificial intelligence, business information systems, business intelligence, data integration, employment, management information systems, natural language processing, psychology, and wellness.

Prescient AI

Founded by Cody Greco and Michael True, Prescient AI is a predictive automation platform that offers forecasts on various profitability-based KPIs across the DTC industry. Their work is particularly influential in e-commerce, machine learning, marketing, predictive analytics, SaaS, simulation, and software industries.

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MovieWire, founded by Richard Mason, is shaping how entertainment news is consumed. The startup uses analytics, content, media and entertainment, and publishing expertise to provide industry analysis on movies.


Founded by John Criswell, Porter blends big data and analytics to serve the health care and consumer products industries. This startup is improving the way these sectors operate by providing insightful data analysis and predictions.

Gemini Sports Analytics

Gemini Sports Analytics is a startup driving positive change in the sports industry by employing analytics to improve athlete welfare and performance.

Defy Trends

Founded by Daniela Henao Moreno, Elena Garidis, and Imge Su Cetin, Defy Trends is an information hub that provides analytical insights for crypto traders. By using their analytics, blockchain, cryptocurrency, FinTech, and information technology skills, they are helping traders make sound investment decisions.


DataGovs offers artificial intelligence and data governance solutions. Their work is especially influential in the analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, software, and software engineering fields.

Miami’s startups are at the forefront of the analytics field, offering diverse and innovative solutions. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or simply interested in the startup scene, Miami’s analytics startups offer plenty of insights and opportunities.

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