Top Influential Chicago Energy Startups Shaping the Future in 2023

Chicago, located in Illinois, has been named one of the fastest-growing hubs for startups in the United States. But, when it comes to the energy sector, the city has a few standout examples of pioneering businesses to look out for. This piece will take a closer peek at a few of Chicago’s most promising and interesting energy startups that are driving change and innovation in the industry while also making strides in sustainability and renewable resources.

These companies are not only based in the Windy City but are also contributing to its position as a leader in the development of new energy-efficient technologies. They represent a wide range of industries, from financial services and air transportation to renewable energy and healthcare. The impressive diversity within this selection underscores Chicago’s breadth of entrepreneurial spirit.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these exciting startups:

Chicago PACE

Operating within the financial services and renewable energy sectors, Chicago PACE has effectively established itself as a crucial part of the city’s energy startup ecosystem.


Co-founded by BJ Perng, NiveauUp is a multifaceted company specializing in energy storage and extreme fast charging (XFC) for air transportation, electric vehicles, and marine transportation.


Founded by Charlie Faulkner, EdgeMode is an infrastructure management platform with a focus on energy and renewable energy, playing an essential role in the world of data centres.

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Ecostar Collaborative

Ecostar Collaborative, co-founded by Brennan Besser, zeroes in on energy efficiency for marine, industrial, and commercial sectors. Their unique focus has made them a key player within the energy retail industry in Chicago.

Blip Energy

Blip Energy is addressing the need for sustainable energy storage solutions tailored specifically to benefit those in rented accommodation, offering savings on electricity bills.

Solar Simplified

Co-founded by Aviv Shalgi, Solar Simplified is working to transform the energy sector by simplifying access to affordable solar energy for everyone in the USA.

Transition Equity Partners

A key player in the finance and renewable energy sectors, Transition Equity Partners is an investment firm with a specialized focus on the energy sector.


Under the guidance of Dr. Gerald Horn, Breinfuel is operating at the intersection of the energy and healthcare sectors, producing cerebral beverages that provide a unique take on energy production.

Madison Street Energy LLC

Founded by Peter Harsy, Madison Street Energy LLC specializes in renewable energy land lease buyouts and monetization. They work in a range of sub-sectors, including clean energy and wind energy.


Formsolver, started by Tristan Sterk, is a creator of energy analysis software for designers, operating in the construction sector while having a key role in the cleantech scene.

Haylon Technologies

Co-founded by Dante Vaisbort, Namin Shah, and Raj Lulla, Haylon Technologies is constructing the future of smart batteries. They work in a variety of fields, including clean energy and energy management.

Energy Capital Ventures

Energy Capital Ventures positions itself as the only early stage venture capital fund targeting the ESG imperatives and digital transformation of the gas industry.

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Delta Mining

Founded by Whit Dhamer, Delta Mining is using blockchain technology to create renewable energy solutions.

Anovion Battery Materials

Manufacturer Anovion Battery Materials is a significant player in the battery and semiconductor sectors, producing synthetic graphite materials for the renewable energy landscape.

Bluestar Energy Capital

Bluestar Energy Capital is an investment firm investing in early-stage greenfield projects, addressing scarcity within the renewable energy sector.

In summary, the remarkable array of energy startups based in Chicago showcases the city’s commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation within the energy sector. These companies not only contribute to Chicago’s reputation as an energy hub but also help in creating sustainable and green solutions for the future.

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