Top Information Technology Startups Revolutionizing Salt Lake City in 2023

Utah’s “Silicon Slopes” has nurtured numerous successful technology startups and Salt Lake City serves as a fertile ground from where these firms sprout and grow. Networking opportunities, a robust ecosystem, supportive governmental policies, and an infusion of local and foreign investments are some of the factors that make this city such an entrepreneurial hub. This article profiles some of the most interesting Information Technology startups proudly calling Salt Lake City home.

Ranging from cloud data services to cybersecurity, from artificial intelligence to environmental engineering, these startups exhibit a stunning diversity in their operational domains. A common thread knitting them together is their innovative use of technology to address specific consumer needs and market gaps.

Let’s delve deeper into the groundbreaking work these startups are doing and consider the passionate founders steering these ventures towards new horizons.


Co-founded by Christina Qi, Databento operates in the fintech space. It offers a pay-as-you-go model for financial data, catering to industries such as market research and software.


RIVN is blossoming under the guidance of founders Aaron DeRose, Dereck Hatcher, and Glen Horsley. It is a SaaS solution enabling companies to efficiently scale consumer deletion capabilities in line with new regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Guard Dog Solutions

Co-founded by Peter Bookman, Guard Dog Solutions, a cybersecurity firm, secures network ‘edge territory’ by revealing unseen network threats.

Customer Dynamics

Customer Dynamics offers premier CRM and contact center solutions via Cloud SaaS, enhancing call center operations.

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Tyler R. Dow has started WETx, a firm focused on water wealth management, utilizing technology to oversee and transact water assets.

WP Concierges

WP Concierges provides comprehensive store setup solutions, including hosting and security services, leveraging WooCommerce technology solutions.


OmniLegion Technologies specializes in delivering superior customer experience and contact center solutions.


Established by Nathan Fox and Stuart Derman, ARVUA aims to change how organizations function in the digital age.


Headed by Jessey Steele and Gabriella GSte, Feusr delivers comprehensive software solutions for the healthcare, government, education, corporate, and business sectors.

Strider Technologies

Strider Technologies, founded by Eric Levesque, Greg Levesque, and Mike Brown, offers data-driven software tools aimed at combatting threats beyond the cyber domain.

Co-founded by Jeffrey A. Long, provides chatbot services for businesses, enabling them to enhance customer communication.


Delven, by founders Bernard Kintzing and Charles Rey, offers an AI-based platform facilitating quicker participant recruitment for scientific research.


Qualiti, helmed by Jeff Handy and Peter West, provides an AI-managed test automation solution for creating, maintaining, executing, and triaging tests.


Motomtech offers an array of technological tools, products, and services that include bespoke software, enterprise software, and mobile and web apps.

i4 Ops

Founded by Hubbert Smith, i4 Ops ensures insider data breach prevention, even in multi-party projects, with its “easy button” secure AI Devops.


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