Top Influential Telecommunications Startups Redefining New York’s Tech Scene in 2023

The world of telecommunications continues to revolutionize as emerging startups bring innovative tech solutions to the table. Advancements in this industry not only progress various sectors but also maximize the potential for connectivity and communication. Centered in the heart of New York, many exceptional startups are shaking up the telecommunications landscape. Here, we dive into some of these companies and detail what makes them notable in an ever-evolving technology landscape.

Steeped in a plethora of industries, from cyber security to marketing, these startups are tapping into the power of telecommunications to reshape businesses. Armed with unparalleled ingenuity and revolutionary technology, they’re charting new territories in the industry, delivering unrivaled solutions in connectivity and beyond. Let’s take a closer look at these frontrunners who are catering to businesses’ unique communication needs and setting new standards in the telecommunications industry.

Barker Consulting

Barker Consulting is a direct marketing and sales firm in the telecommunications industry, offering specialized services in customer service, sales, and professional development. Founded by Scott Barker, the company excels in providing B2B, Brand Marketing, business development, and more.


Giga is a global initiative centered around connecting every school to the Internet. Through its wireless Internet and Telecommunications solutions, Giga is striving to ensure that all educational institutions have access to digital resources.

Stealth Media TBA

Without a dedicated website as yet, Stealth Media stands out as a content development company in the Telecommunications industry. Founded by Nora Ali, it harnesses telecommunications to innovate in film and film production.

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Cloudonix, Inc.

Turning omnichannel into communication channels is the mainstay of Cloudonix, Inc. Founded by Eric Klein and Nir Simionovich, it uses its voice technology to accelerate sales and increase customer satisfaction, across diverse sectors like mobile apps, PaaS, and more.

Club Texting

Club Texting stamps its authority as a leading SMS text message marketing company in New York. Specializing in advertising and marketing, it leverages telecommunications to take SMS marketing strategies to new heights.

SureNet Technologies

SureNet Technologies offers solutions like DDoS attack prevention and secured networking for a range of office sizes. Founded by Eduard Yusupov, it’s a force in diverse sectors, from cloud infrastructure to logistics, thanks to its secured networking solutions.


Lightyear simplifies enterprise telecom. Founded by Dennis Thankachan and Ryan Schrack, this startup in the IT infrastructure and telecommunications industry is transforming the way businesses engage with telecommunications.

Underline Infrastructure

Underline Infrastructure, founded by Bob Thompson, Coty Beasley, and Eva Arevuo, operates as a full-service solution for open-access fiber network delivery. Reshaping IT and infrastructure, Underline Infrastructure is all about enhanced and efficient connectivity.


Nagish is a company making phone calls more accessible. Started by Alon Ezer and Tomer Aharoni, this software and telecommunications company is improving communication experiences for users.

NYES Communications

NYES Communications administers contact centers providing BPO services for telecommunications alongside financial services and healthcare. It’s a propeller of superior customer service and technical support.


SecureCo, founded by Alexander Harrington and Eric Sackowitz, is comprised of innovators and security engineers creating highly protected internet connections. Its services span through cyber security, GovTech, and more.

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Malamute is an industrial technology company using AI and spatial computing to enable new actionable data, analytics, and communication channels. Founded by Jackson Blume, Kara Myren, and Matthew Freed, it’s at the cutting edge of AI and machine learning, among others.


Kyubinetwork is an intriguing startup in the capital telecommunications market. The details of its founders are yet to be known, but it’s making significant strides in telecommunications.


Dialwave is a telecom company that helps businesses to leverage the power of cloud communications. Impacting various sectors like IT, SaaS, and VoIP, it’s changing the face of telecommunications.


Metadating is a telecommunications platform that provides free 3D avatars for SocialFi and GameFi. This company has expertly utilized 3D technology to introduce new facets to telecommunications.


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