Unveiling Influential New York Therapeutics Startups Transforming Healthcare in 2023

With innovation at the heart of the contemporary medtech sector, New York-based startups are making significant strides in the field of Therapeutics. These ventures are embracing novel approaches to enhance patient care and treatment outcomes. Pushing the boundaries of conventional methods, they induce a transformative effect on healthcare. This article shines a light on some fascinating Therapeutics startups from the heart of New York.

Therapeutics startups in New York are creating solutions that are pivotal in transforming the healthcare industry. They are at the forefront in providing novel treatment methods that are redefining health care delivery and patient outcomes. From medication for quitting opioids to developing therapeutic biomarkers for pancreatic cancer, these startups are leading the industry’s charge towards a high-quality, patient-centric, and technologically adept future.

It is worth talking about these ambitious ventures, as they are reimagining therapeutics and redefining the healthcare industry. Here’s a close look at the startups that are making a significant impact with their innovative therapeutic solutions.


Founded by Mattan Griffel and Zack Gray, Ophelia is a health care startup offering medication and robust support for quitting opioids. In the blended industry of Health Care, Home Health Care, and Therapeutics, Ophelia is redefining opioid addiction management with personalized care and cutting-edge technology.

Resilience Lab

Resilience Lab, headed by Christine Carville and Marc Goldberg, is reshaping how clinicians collaborate to offer high-quality, personalized, accessible mental health care. Operating in the overlapping fields of Health Care, Personal Health, Psychology, and Therapeutics, Resilience Lab is a modern and holistic response to mindful wellness.

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C2i Genomics

Founded by Asaf Zviran, Boris Oklander, and Dan Landau, C2i Genomics offers cloud-based cancer diagnostic services to both pharmaceutical and diagnostic organizations. They work within the cross-section of Genetics, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, and Therapeutics to deliver comprehensive genomic sequencing services for improved cancer treatments.


Mindbloom, founded by Dylan Beynon, collaborates with patients and providers to achieve personal and clinical breakthroughs using at-home, clinician-prescribed psychedelic therapies. It operates in the Health Care, Therapeutics, and Wellness industry and pioneers a new generation of mental health treatments using innovative psychedelic therapies.

Tacitus Therapeutics

Focused on developing innovative therapeutics for treating blood cancers, Tacitus Therapeutics co-founded by Camelia Iancu-Rubin and Ronald Hoffman is a key player in the Biotechnology, Health Care, and Therapeutics industry. It is a clinical-stage biotech company aiming to revolutionize cancer treatment approaches.

Mouth Off

Mouth Off, co-founded by Camille Varlet, is the first company to develop a dissolving gum that eliminates bad breath by cleaning away the offensive molecules. The unique offering bridges the Consumer Goods, Health Care, Retail, and Therapeutics sectors, providing an innovative 4-hour solution to bad breath.

Tarus Therapeutics

Tarus Therapeutics is a Biotechnology firm that focuses on disrupting nucleotide metabolism in cancer. They are pioneering the development of innovative therapies that hold the promise to change how effective cancer treatment is delivered.

Egret Therapeutics

Founded by Chris Jackson and Michael Lim, Egret Therapeutics operates as a clinical-stage biotherapeutics company in the Biotechnology, Health Care, and Therapeutics industry. It is known for bringing ground-breaking therapeutic solutions to the table.

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Episteme Prognostics

Co-founded by Steven Leach and Surajit Dhara, Episteme Prognostics is a precision medicine company that develops therapeutic biomarkers for pancreatic cancer, positioning itself in Biotechnology, Healthcare, Health Diagnostics, and Therapeutics.


Mindworx is a mental health care company, operating in Health Care, Insurance, Psychology, Therapeutics, and Wellness industries. It offers innovative solutions to address the pressing mental health needs in society.

Pilaris Hair Clinic

Co-founders Andrew Munday and Kumar Sukhdeo started Pilaris Hair Clinic with an aim to provide hair restoration therapy and progress tracking for hair loss treatment. Operating in the Beauty, Health Care, and Therapeutic industries, Pilaris has made significant strides in addressing women’s hair loss challenges.

Ciba Health

Founded by Innocent Clement, Ciba Health provides a personalized digital therapeutics and virtual care platform in the Health Care, Therapeutics, and Virtual Assistant spaces. It offers personalized, tech-based healthcare solutions for improved patient outcomes.

Grow Therapy

Grow Therapy, co-founded by Alan Ni and Jake Cooper, aims to bridge the gap between therapists and people seeking mental health care. It operates in the Health Care, Medical, and Therapeutics industries offering unprecedented access to high-quality mental health care.

Treadwell Therapeutics

Headed by Mark R. Bray and Tak Wah Mak, Treadwell Therapeutics is a clinical-stage oncology company known for its cutting-edge medicines that address unmet needs in patients with cancer. The startup is making strides in the Biotechnology, Health Care, and Therapeutics industry.


76Bio, co-founded by Christopher Wilfong, K. Dane Wittrup, and Marius Pop, is a biotech company that develops therapies for patients with life-threatening diseases. Branching out in Biotechnology, Health Care, Medical, and Therapeutics fields, it redefines patient-centric care.

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These New York-based Therapeutics startups are redefining the healthcare sector through their groundbreaking innovations, thus ushering a new era in patient care and treatment. The diversity in their therapeutic approaches signifies the burgeoning potential of the Therapeutics industry in providing holistic solutions for various health conditions.

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