Top Los Angeles Startups Influential in US Payments Industry Revealed

Los Angeles, also known as the “Silicon Beach”, is rising as a hotbed for innovation in the payments industry. This vibrant startup ecosystem is home to a new breed of entrepreneurs that are pushing the boundaries of financial technology. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, and machine learning, these startups are transforming the way we make payments, both online and in the real world. Here’s a look at some of the most promising payments startups based in Los Angeles:

BE$TOW app

BE$TOW app is a patented peer-to-peer mobile application that enables anonymous payments and contact sharing with just a tap. This mobile app launched by founders Jack Foster Jr, is disrupting the mobile payments and peer to peer industry.

Global Oculus

Global Oculus offers a wide array of services ranging from blockchain to transaction processing and payments development. They are dedicated to delivering end-to-end solutions for the enterprise software, UX design and payments industry.

Quick Merchant Account

A provider of comprehensive credit and debit card processing solutions, Quick Merchant Account is a standout startup in the credit cards, debit cards, financial services, and payments industry.


ComplYant, founded by Shiloh Johnson, is a digital tax assistant for entrepreneurs, offering a simple and accurate way to follow tax deadlines. It’s a groundbreaking startup in the accounting, financial services, fintech, and payments industry.


Crave, envisioned by founders Alvin Choi and April Cho, offers a web-based digital menu, ordering, and payments platform for independent restaurants and multi-location restaurant concepts. The platform requires no app.

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PayEngine is a startup developing a white label, payment platform for software-as-a-service companies. It’s a promising player in the fintech, payments, SaaS, and software industry, founded by Spartak Buniatyan.


Jantt, a Finance as a Service (FaaS) company founded by J’on Dennis, automates accounting solutions. It’s successfully catering to the needs of the accounting, billing, financial services, fintech, and payments industry.


Upkeep is revolutionizing the $116 billion medical aesthetic industry. Founded by Tiffany Faith Demers, it’s an emerging startup in the apps, beauty, consumer software, cosmetic surgery, medical, medical device, mobile apps, and payments space.

Peachy Patients

Creating a tool designed to make healthcare affordable and accessible to patients, Peachy Patients is an innovative startup in the health care and payments sector. It is the brainchild of founders Lex Oiler and PJ Santoro.


Alice is a decentralised finance mobile application that enables users to send money to their friends. Makers Cody Swain and Echul Shin aim to disrupt the blockchain, finance, fintech, mobile apps, mobile payments, and payments industry.


Freightpay’s mission is to enable the global supply chain to transact more efficiently. Thus, making a significant impact in the financial services and payments space.


GiftPass is a mobile application that provides an end-to-end digital gift card solution. It’s a significant startup for the fintech, gift card, and mobile payments industry.


Cedar is a mobile commerce platform where micro-influencers can sell and deliver virtual services, coaching, payments, messaging, and video e-commerce.


Kable, founded by Adam D. Sommer, makes it easy for developers to add usage-based billing to their API products with just three lines of code. It’s aiming to disrupt the billing, developer APIs, internet, payments, and software industry.

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Edge, a startup created by founders Alaxic Smith and Dega Gebre, builds payment tools and developer APIs that allow every legal industry to accept payments, making significant strides in the Fintech, Information Technology, PaaS, and Payments niche.

In conclusion, the payments niche is experiencing a revolution. Los Angeles based payment startups are playing a significant role in shaping this new direction. As they continue to innovate and disrupt traditional payment methods, this space is undoubtedly worth keeping an eye on.

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