Top Influential Sales Startups Transforming Los Angeles Market in 2023

There is no shortage of innovation and creativity in the startup world, particularly within the realm of sales. Los Angeles, California, with its diverse culture and vast resources, has sprouted a variety of intriguing startups that are using pioneering tactics to maximize profit, navigate markets, and cater to clients uniquely. Below is a showcase of a handful of these startups, which are employing inventive strategies and technologies to redefine the sales landscape.

These businesses exemplify the future of sales, showcasing the meshing of commerce with industries such as wellness and real estate, while others are pushing the burgeoning cannabis, home renovations, and sexual health fields. Additionally, a few of these startups are using innovative technology to offer a more convenient sales experience to customers and a streamlined process to businesses.

Let’s dive into a few LA-based sales startups that are shaking up their respective industries, exhibiting the promising growth, resourcefulness, and spirituality that the startup sector in the United States offers. Whether it’s an eCommerce business, a sexual health product producer, or a creative home renovation platform, the innovative solutions coming from these startups are truly remarkable.


R’s KOSO falls under the sales, wellness, personal health, e-commerce, and dietary supplements industries. This unique startup provides an online platform for the sale of postbiotic drink and cleanse products designed for improved health and wellness.


Fitted breaks ground in the Sales, Retail, and E-commerce sectors by focusing on customization solutions for retailers and creators. Founded by Adina Luo, Fitted is carving a niche for itself in customization retail.

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Morus is pushing boundaries with its vacuum drying technology and countertop tumble dryer for domestic use. Existing in the Sales, Product Design, Innovation Management, Information Technology, Electronics, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), and Computer sectors, Morus is reshaping home appliance usage.


Purgula is a startup focused on empowering homeowners to effectively plan and manage major home renovations. Operating in the Home Renovation, Home Services, and Sales sectors, Purgula provides resources and solutions for homeowners.


QuoteBuilder is a groundbreaking software development company. It offers a multitude of services including sales, rentals, invoicing, reporting, branding, proposals, and security within the Marketing, Sales, and Software industries.

Craft & Bauer Real Estate Co.

Craft & Bauer Real Estate Co. specializes in buying and selling real estate properties. Founded by Dominic Labriola and Max Fitzgerald, Craft & Bauer operates within the Real Estate, Sales, and Small and Medium Businesses industries.


Peels exists at the crossroads of the Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Personal Health, and Sales. The startup specializes in the creation of CBD products crafted from oranges.


HiHiStop is redefining the e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, sales, sex industry, and sex tech fields. Founders Cynthia Smith and Deanna Bowers are establishing the production of top-grade sex toys for individuals interested in sexual activities.


Amuse, founded by Alex Becker, Drew Keslowitz, and George Durzi, is an online retailer selling and delivering cannabis to the comfort of customers’ homes. This startup is part of the Cannabis, E-Commerce, Retail, and Sales space.


Arrow, a brainchild of Charles Anderson and Logan Murphy, is a mobile commerce platform focusing on making the sale of large goods more straightforward. Arrow is a part of the CRM, E-Commerce, Mobile, and Sales sectors.

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Malqart combines sales intelligence with global investors, playing a role in the Angel Investment, Big Data, CRM, Database, Marketing Automation, Predictive Analytics, Recruiting, Sales, Sales Automation, and Translation Service industries. Founded by Karim Mokhtar, Malqart is a notable player in its field.

Redbird Ventures

Under the stewardship of Jason Rothberg, Redbird Ventures provides early support to founders, aiming to build a mutually satisfying future. This startup spans the Consumer Applications, Food, and Beverage, Information Technology, Internet, and Sales sectors.

Flavor Wave

Flavor Wave is revolutionizing the Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, and Sales industries with its food delivery platform, thus offering convenience to its clients.

Zietsman Property Group

Zietsman Property Group, a real estate business startup founded by Chris Lyle and Michael Zietsman, offers investment sales, equity financing, disposition advisory, and portfolio strategy services.


Emergant is a startup that provides brand upgradation services to clients. This startup competes in the Artificial Intelligence, Brand Marketing, Business Development, and Sales Automation industries, marking its presence with its unique services.

Innovation continues to push the boundaries of sales, and the hottest startups in Los Angeles are leading the charge. Each company brings its unique approach to the world of sales, shifting traditional patterns and exploring new opportunities – a testament to the creative spirit of the city and the disruptive nature of the startup ecosystem.

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