Unveiling Influential Los Angeles Energy Startups Transforming the US Market

Energy startups have been budding at a rapid pace worldwide, and Los Angeles, California is no exception. Ranging from solar power to renewable energy, desalination methods to smart home technology, these startups are creating unique solutions to face various environmental and energy-related challenges. Let’s take a glimpse at these companies and learn more about their offerings, mission, the industries they serve, and their founders.

The main criteria for featuring these startups are their innovative approach in addressing energy efficiency, sustainable power generation, or solving ecological issues. Each of the following companies has been diligently working on their respective products and services, leading to their interesting and impressive energy innovations.

These technological developments are not only contributing to the creation of a more sustainable world, but are also addressing urgent needs such as the water crisis, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and the potential of harnessing solar energy. Truly, these energy startups are the torchbearers of a sustainable future and can inspire many to follow a greener path.


Radiant, spearheaded by Doug Bernauer, prides itself in developing the first portable, zero-emissions power source that can operate anywhere. Specializing in the Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy industries, Radiant aims to significantly contribute to the implementation of sustainable energy systems worldwide.

Better Earth

Better Earth is a renewable energy company that aims to make earth more sustainable through solar energy. The startup, co-founded by Patrick Butler, Shaun Sharabi, and Zain Jan, primarily operates in the Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar, and Sustainability industries.

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Natural Ocean Well

Natural Ocean Well provides desalinated water, using a type of environment-friendly subsea reverse osmosis to address the global water crisis. Associated with the Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy, Water, and Water Purification industries, this startup is turning the tides in water management and preservation.


Solar.com, America’s most trusted solar marketplace, was co-founded by Chris Blevins and Max Aram. Positioned in the E-Commerce, Marketplace, Renewable Energy, and Solar Industries, Solar.com facilitates the ready availability of solar energy sources.

Quantum Age

Quantum Age is a startup that designs and develops ecosystem technologies, primarily serving the Automotive, Energy, and Information Technology industries. This startup is at the frontier of enabling efficient and sustainable eco-system technologies.


ROOMBUS is the brainchild of Dami Rafael Jegede. Aiming to build smarter cities, ROOMBUS is known for its fully autonomous and modular smart houses. These innovations place the startup at the center of the Clean Energy, Hardware, Industrial Design, Internet of Things, and Smart Home industries.


Cultivas, founded by Mark Crumpacker, is all about building modern infrastructure for the future of food. With its novel systems, it is making significant strides in the Food Processing and Renewable Energy sectors.


ChargerHelp! was co-founded by Evette Ellis and Kameale C. Terry. The startup is pioneering in the Clean Energy, CleanTech, Software, and Transportation industries with its dispatch and deployment system, providing on-demand repairs, and maintenance support from trained, local workforces.

Hive Technologies

Hive Technologies, a renewable energy company co-founded by Boyd Bishop and Mathias Thomsen focusses on Electric Vehicle (EV) technology, thus making a prominent mark in the Electric Vehicle, Energy, Environmental Consulting, and Renewable Energy sectors.

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One Earth

One Earth is a non-profit organization co-founded by Justin Winters and Karl Burkart. Through its groundbreaking science initiatives and innovative approaches, it is contributing significantly to solving the climate crisis in the Agriculture, Non-Profit, and Renewable Energy sectors.

Work on Climate

Work on Climate is another non-profit community, helping people to build climate companies and find climate jobs. It proactively contributes to the Environmental Consulting, Pollution Control, and Renewable Energy industries.

Jinko Solar Việt Nam

Jinko Solar Việt Nam is a renowned player in the Apps, Energy, and Solar industries, distributing Jinko solar panels officially in Vietnam.

Veloce Energy

Veloce Energy, co-founded by Jeff Wolfe, Mark Yates, and Michael Schenck, innovates technology and financing models to reduce physical and financial barriers to Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging infrastructure deployment. This dynamic startup observes an expansive presence in various sectors such as Electric Vehicle, Electrical Distribution, Embedded Software, Energy, Energy Storage, Hardware, Power Grid, Software Engineering, and Transportation.


Simerse, founded by Michael Naber, is a VC-backed company striving to accelerate AI implementation for energy & infrastructure. It specializes in the Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Energy, and Software industries.

Olokun Minerals

Olokun Minerals, founded by Lacey Reddix, provides mineral-based products for public infrastructure maintenance and renewable energy generation and storage. With its diversified portfolio, this startup asserts itself across the Infrastructure, Mineral, Renewable Energy, and Semiconductor sectors.

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